Tina's Grandmother Speaks to Her
in German from the Afterlife

Tina had a successful Guided Afterlife Connection with her husband, Joe, and came back for a second session to connect with her grandmother. This is Tina's description she reported to Rochelle during the Guided Afterlife Connection:

I was in a room, but it faded to black. Someone grabbed my hand from the right side. I think it was my husband, Joe. He was taking me to a room where my grandma may be. We went through a door and emerged into a garden room. I saw Grandma to my left, saying "Mein Kind." That means "My kid." My grandma and I walked a short distance and sat together on a bench. I said, "Can I ask you questions in English?" She said, "Natuerlich. Naturally, naturally." I asked her if my grandfather was there. She said he was, in the distance. I asked if he knew I was there, and she said, "Yes!"

Grandma began stroking my hair, and I burst out crying. Grandma said, "Don't be sad. We will all be together again." She then gestured to show me that Joe was standing in the background. I went to him and we kissed and hugged. The three of us sat down together. Grandma said, "Be happy we are all together. It's nice to sit together. It's been a long time, and wonderful to have Joe sit with us, Mein Kind," meaning "my kid."

She said to me, "You are doing okay, but you must go forward. She then spoke in German, starting with "Mein liebling," meaning "My love." The translation of the rest was,"My life was mine. Joe had his. You have your life. We have to all move forward." She was showing me my people in the distance, saying "See. They are all doing something!"

My Grandmother then said that her mother and father were there, and added, "We are all moving forward. We do everything together, like we did before. We have our jobs to do. There is always work to do."

"Mein Kind," she said, continuing in German as I translated for Rochelle, "You have to live every day to the fullest." I asked her, "What about the work I'm doing with Rochelle in afterlife connections?" She said in German, "You can only go so far with the afterlife. Everything is not to be seen. It's good to do this work, but you can't go as far as you'd like. Otherwise, you would be in the afterlife. The work does help people, but when you go too far, you end up there."

Joe was sitting close by. I acknowledgeed him for a minute.

Then my grandma said, "All is good. All is clear. It's nice we could get together." Grandma and I were hugging. "You don't have to be sorry for anything," she said in German. "Das war schoen," she said, meaning "This was nice!" Then she said, "I love you and Joe loves you. We look out for each other." She ended with "Bis dann," meaning until later.


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