Teaching Connections

The loved ones in spirit often teach the participant about life, relationships, and the afterlife. Some examples from their journals follow.

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~

I stepped through the door and my son took my hand and we were flying. It was vague but I felt free and light hearted. Then he started talking so I wrote it down so I wouldn't forget. When I write I can hardly keep up with how fast it comes through.

"Mom, I Have so much to tell you. The angels. I love the angels." (In another recent writing he told me he's hanging out with Angels.) "They are teaching him about love and metaphysics. Angels are at a higher frequency than even Ben over there, they never incarnate on earth) They have taken me flying and it's so fun and freeing. Feels even more free than I do over here. They know so much, feel so much. They know everything about love. Just when I think there's no more to learn, I find out I am wrong. I can't wait to share all of this with you. It's way cooler than you can imagine. You are limited by your human perceptions. It's limitless beyond explanation. This is where I belong. We are always together. I am sorry my physical absence has caused you so much pain. But this is where I need to be right now. Next time I will do it better and we'll be together again. We can grow old together then. Mom I want you to know how much I really and truly love you now and as my mom. I am really sorry how hard I could be on you. But we had a lot of good times and laughed a lot. You wanted it to be fun and it was. Nobody let me be me as much as you did. For that I am eternally grateful. I can feel your love when you send it. I need it as much as you need mine. I don't like when you're mad at me, I know you try not to be, although I don't blame you. It just got to be too hard Mom, please understand that. I never meant to hurt you. Mom, I love you more than you can feel."

"Angels are the light. Look to the light, when you feeling sad and lonely. The angels will see you through and so will I. I am always here when you need me. Skippie [their dog who had passed] says hi in her dog way. She's really smart and introspective. She loved you more than she showed. She relied on you so much in the end and you never let her down or me Mom. You didn't let me down. Nobody could change my crash course, I didn't want to be saved."

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~

It was so very easy. I immediately saw my mother and my dogs trotting along behind her. I thanked my mother for coming and gave them all a hug and kiss. As directed, I immediately asked her a question related to the last unfoldment. "Mama, I did not understand what you were trying to tell me about when I was a child and had pneumonia. Will you explain it to me?" I asked.

"You almost died. You were between the worlds then," she said. "And you responded to it. That is why of my three daughters, you are the only one who has experienced such a good life. Life is like a puzzle. If you understand this, you put the pieces together and life becomes good. Because you were between the worlds, you somehow managed to understand that the pieces to the puzzle are so important."

"Did you put the puzzle together when you were here, Mama?" I asked.

"From the day I was born until the day I left, there was great sadness and I worked hard at the puzzle," she replied.

"Mama, do you know that Bill (my nephew) is going to prison? Can you see what this is doing to my sister."

"It is part of the puzzle. The two of them must work on putting the pieces together," she answered. I was puzzled because I could not sense any sadness when she said this.

"Did you see what happened in Boston?" [The Boston Marathon bombing]

"Vaguely." she answered. " It is not part of my world."

I thanked my mom for taking care of my pets. She responded with a laugh, "I don't take care of them, they take care of me."

I thanked them all for coming and gave each one a big hug and kiss.

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~

After going through the door, I saw various, subdued, colors. Then there was the swing again, this time we swung over a wide basin of a valley, back and forth, back and forth. I loved it and was not afraid. Marvin and I were much younger and we held each other. My human form seemed to be more "solid" than his. Then we sat on the rim of the huge "basin", first on a blanket, then on a bench. Then I saw a flat white layer, that seemed to be made of clouds, above the huge valley. I swooshed back and forth on it, which was great fun. I don't think Marvin joined me in that. Then I wanted to go higher and higher and learn more about those levels. But I remembered that I had wanted to ask a question about the symbolism of Marvin holding me like a child in the previous session. After the previous session I thought of a painting I had seen long ago, of "Death" holding a child. It seemed that I was given a choice of that or Life. I repeated Life, Life, Life. I felt light beings around me and light penetrating me. I then counted myself out.

~ Special Series of Four Journal Excerpts ~
Her loved one and teams on the other side
seem to be teaching Joan to become a rescuer

In these three journal entries, a Self-guided Afterlife Connections participant we're calling Joan had an encounter with a little boy named Daniel who was "stuck." She wasn't aware of it, but it appears likely that Daniel had passed away and was bewildered about how to get back to his mom on the Earth side of life. Eventually, Joan is taught to help him so he can move off of the Earth plane to the next plane of life. People who help bewildered souls make the transition off of the Earth plane are called "rescuers." Joan doesn't realize what she is being taught to do.

Session 1: Joan encounters a little boy who is "stuck."

Today was one big love trip! I felt like I went in more deeply than ever today, which is great because it seemed extraordinarily noisy this morning. A great opportunity to practice choosing not to let it bother me. It is so very wonderful to see Ben so well, with sparkly eyes again. He wrapped me in the biggest hug ever. The feeling I had today was the amazing uplifting one. It felt very close emotionally. It was coupled with constant waves of even more intense versions of the same uplifting close feeling. When I got those waves, I lost awareness of myself and was just engulfed by them. Beautiful. :)

The only other things that stood out for me today were a quick flash of thought in my the left side of my head about someone being stuck somewhere, and lots of thoughts about a small boy called Daniel, which is interesting as I don't know anyone called Daniel small or otherwise. I might ask my medium friend if that is associated with me or not.

Session 2: Joan learns how to help the stuck little boy

As I was going in today, I was thinking about Ben, Denny and help from Tony if needed. Ben met me at the river. We greeted. He took me to a very tall pine tree. Daniel was stuck, about two-thirds of the way up. I asked him what he was doing up there. He said I don't know how to get down! I made a slide of white light that he could come down. He enjoyed that very much. I took his hand and asked, "Where's your Mum?" He pointed down to Earth and said, "There." Ben was standing by but wasn't helping. I said to Daniel, Come on then, we'll see if we can find someone for you. The three of us walked through the door, and there was a whole group of people waiting for him who greeted him with hugs and smiles. He didn't know them at first but was very happy to go with them.

Session 3: In a later session, Joan is taught about how to help people move on

After a while we came to a small castle type building on the river. I recognized it as one I had visited in a dream where people were killing themselves over and over. I was puzzled as to why we were here. We went inside, and there were people all over the place, wrapped up in bubbles which were all they could see. The bubbles were their individual worlds, filled with tormenting thoughts and worries. Ben showed me how they couldn't get through to those people because they were wrapped up in their own worlds. There was one person who wasn't in a bubble and was just leaning against a bench, looking numb and defeated. Ben showed me how they could begin to encourage that person by influencing him to feel an urge to get up and move away. He suggested I try it. I did, and was interested to see how little acknowledgment I got, but the person did move, and came to a central plaza that was like a cafe flooded with golden light. Then the person could see me, and we sat at a table together just feeling the warmth and soaking up the sunshine. A waiter (helper) came over and spoke to the person offering a menu of options like: guides/angels/loved ones.

I stepped away and went back outside with Ben. This time we were in a river boat, quiet though, just having simple, forget the world, fun! This was all a good lesson for me in the work I still need to do on myself and the way I live my days, to enable me to get closer to Ben. Keep this physical world in perspective; be still; feel the sunshine; and have fun! Also, it helps me to realise that by listening to my urges, I am feeling the connection.

Comment by Craig

Joan has been connecting with Ben virtually every day since the last week of January 2013. Ben and others working with him have been teaching Joan, obviously grooming her for spiritual work. The teaching is never in lectures. It's always in experiences, often thought provoking, like koans. Joan discovers the meaning and thus learns the lessons. In this series of sessions, it appears that they are preparing Joan to be a rescuer.

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~
description of a teaching experience from the same person

Ben met me at a place I recognised as the bottom of the gorge though it looked different. Our river was there, but the ground was bare. There was a cottage on the other side of the river, I kept wanting to go to it, but didn't, I spent some time looking at it instead. Ben took my elbow and took me to the cottage, which turned out to be a community hall. Inside, it was light, warm, happy and full of smiling people who welcomed me. I didn't move from where I was with Ben though, I asked why I was there. Ben told me it was because I wanted to be a part of something over there. Then he took me away and I had no impressions, but was left with a feeling of belonging, which was nice. There was nothing for a while, and I asked How come I don't get images anymore, visual experiences? "Tricks, images." was what I got in reply. Ben repeated that quite a few times, until it suddenly dawned on me that if I was preoccupied with deciphering images I might miss the feelings, and for me, that's the important thing. I checked with Ben, It's about the feelings right? He interrupted my question with Yes. He kept repeating "Tricks, images." I kept telling him I've got it. But then I realised I hadn't got it, and asked him if that applied to the impressions I have of us doing things together as well. I got a wave of affirmation that was like a joyous little body shift, and tingling on my right leg. When those body shifts happen, I feel more deeply connected. Come to me, I asked Ben. Immediately I got a sensation like tapping on the left side of my head, a wonderful validation. I asked Ben why I feel the senstions more strongly at some times, than others. I got the thought that it was about how strongly he could come through at those times. Then the Steve Miller Band song Joker started up, and continued throughout my meditation, and the words and thoughts and feelings communicated to me that I was learning Ben's language of love. There was another body shift, and deeper feelings of love. Just before I counted out, I heard muffled crackling on my right side, it reminded me of a time many years ago when I had heard popping sounds when some friends were playing around with astral projection.


I had a lovely validation yesterday from the day before's meditation, confirming for me that I am connecting with him in my meditations. I went into a shop and had strong tingles on my head, I told Ben "We're not going shopping I'm only getting one thing". He loved to shop. (He has his hand on my back as I write this). I kept getting strong tingles, and I kept telling him off. It wasn't until I was about to walk out, that I realised it was the song! They were playing The Joker by Steve Miller Band! There was even a guy whistling it loudly near me! That's the song Ben had given me in meditation the previous day. When I got home, I looked in my journal to find out which day I had that song, and got strong head tingles again each time I opened a particular page, I couldn't find it on that page though. When I did eventually find it, I realised the tingles were telling me I'd gone one page too far. It would have been easier if he'd given me tingles on the right page!

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~
another teaching experience from the same person

The theme song for today was Nowhereman. Ben met me in nowhere land, not any particular location. I don't remember all the impressions I got today, or even sometimes how I got the messages, I just remember having the sudden realisation and then sometimes thinking How did I get to that? But I shall relay what I did get.

After Ben met me, I looked at my feet and saw the ground they were on, I recognised it as the bottom of the gorge. I looked up and saw that groups of people were standing around. I asked Ben what was going on, he said it was a fete. I remarked that no one looked particularly celebratory, and he said They are, just wait. Then, from out of the ground, something burst out, it was like a geyser of colour and new life. The crowd had looks of awe and delight on their faces, including Ben, but I couldn't feel a thing. I asked him why I couldn't feel anything, he said Because it's for you to know, but it's for us, not you. Some of the colour fell on Ben and I, and I could see my higher self delighting in it, but I felt detached from it.

After that, there was a whole bunch of nothing, not a thing, no impressions, feelings, thoughts, nothing. I eventually realised it was necessary for me to submit, and just Be, in total trust. When I realised that, a lovely warm feeling spread throughout my legs, and I felt a squeeze on my upper left arm. When I felt the squeeze I thought "Always supported," and got a response in sensation. Once I had submitted, things began to flow. I had realisations about cleansing, and did a tour of my house in my mind, cleansing it; I saw Ben and myself as totally different looking people, standing beside a car; He and I had a conversation on old cellphones that could only write texts in SHOUTY capitals, he has told me before to shout when I want him to hear me this was a reminder. I've realised that the lessons over the past few days are about ways to live my physical days with a spiritual connnection, that's the step further I need to take now. There was also a message in there somewhere about turning my focus from inwards to outward. I got a couple of kisses, which was wonderful.

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~
another teaching experience from the same person

My intention when going in today, was to find out how Ben is doing with getting through to me, and to develop some more myself, with my getting through to him. I went to the river first, but it felt bare and empty, definitely not the place to be today. Then I found myself at the bottom of the gorge where I was with Ben yesterday. He was there with a bivouac behind him, and a fire in front, he was just kind of absentmindedly poking at the embers with a stick. I sat down beside him. I asked him how he was getting on, and had thoughts of watching a movie last night and feeling him drumming on my head, along with an impression of him watching the movie too, and thoughts also of a time when I was again watching a movie, this time with his sons soon after he passed and he again touched my head. I had to ask this question a few times today, always with the same answer along with a feeling of him continuing to relax by the fire, before I got it. He's already there! Duh, take the elevator Joan! Now it's a matter of me realising that, and being aware, trusting the feelings etc, and understanding messages will come if and when there is one to give. Ben put his arm around me and said "Just Be, Baby".

I snuggled into him, but my thoughts kept wandering and it didn't feel complete like it has usually done. I got a thought that said "If it helps to have imagery..." and had an impression of myself drifting down the river on a boat. That did help, but still something wasn't right. This is the third day in a row of this disconnected feeling. Within the last week, I've pretty much changed my whole house around, including changing the direction my bed is facing, I decided I should ask my medium friend to come and reharmonise the house. Then I thought, no, she's always encouraging me to try things myself first, and then remembered the day the old Ben blessed my necklace in a meditation, so I asked Ben to help me. He pretty much continued to sit by the fire, and intimated it's not his job.

So I put the thought out "Can anyone help me?" Ron turned up, along with a man standing back a little, and a blond haired shining woman full of kindness and love. I stood by them, Ben stayed by the fire. Ron showed me to fill each room with my prescence and took me on a little tour to provide and example. She seems to be a meeter and greeter, doing introductions, I will complete the task later today. I asked the man what he does, looked a little closer, and realised it was Rubin! Suddenly I realised what he does, he fixes glitches! I asked him to please fix this glitch in my house, and he immediately and enthusiastically began fiddling with switches on a large switchboard. He stayed at that for a few minutes, and lo and behold, I got a wave of closeness! Yay!! The connection felt better after that, I will see how tomorrow's meditation goes. Then the shining woman began soothing the rooms of my house and me along with it. I went back to Ben at the fire, he seemed happier.

Just before I left he said "Hang on, here, have a sausage!" He was laughing at this stage. I have no idea why he gave me a sausage he had cooked on the fire, but got the feeling it was a sign for something that may be yet to come.

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~
the teaching continues for the same person

What the heck was that? I have no idea what just happened. As I was doing the relaxation part, I felt myself going in. I had thoughts about an abandoned house I went into during that spirituallly tuned in year, where I was able to tell the story of the previous occupants without knowing any of the house's history beforehand. In this house, the kitchen felt really yuck, I didn't go into that room and all I can remember of it is blackness. In my thoughts today though, I went into that room, read it, and did a white light cleansing of it, then scrubbed it from top to bottom. I was about to dismiss these thoughts as some sort of ego based fantasy, when I remembered that when I started out today I asked Ben to take me to where I needed to be. So then I wondered why am I getting these thoughts? Then I had a feeling of myself actually being able to do this kind of reading and cleansing! An insight into five years time perhaps? In reality, I think it's the planting of a new belief pattern. Since seeing the face of the little girl a few days ago, my past has remained in the past, and there is definitely a new beginning.

As soon as I began the 1-20 count, the shifts/merges began happening, they continued one after the other. I got to Ben, and we hugged, then I had a strong impression of a girl in a plane with a helmet on, looking from side to side in bewilderment. She felt like she was flying but the plane, a single seater, was actually on the ground, at our river. Somehow she felt like a special needs person. When her plane stopped flying, she jumped out, and ran towards us, wiithout seeing us, calling out "Dad, Dad!", she was in a real panic. I wondered if it was me, but I didn't identify with any feeling of her, I wondered if she'd recently passed but for some reason got the thought she wasn't dead. I wondered if she was on the brink of life and death, but I couldn't calm her enough to talk to her. I put the thought out for her guides to come and help her, but no one came. I put the thought out for anybody to help her, but no one came. I asked Nicky to come, as she is the meeter and greeter, she came. She knelt down by the little girl, who saw Nicky (she still hadn't seen us) and then they disappeared.

Then I lost awareness for a while, and afterwards, realised I'd seen a visual experience of 3 little girls, they were wearing funny little hand knitted jumpers that covered most of one side of their faces. I got the thought that an older sister had knitted them and the mother was so proud she made the little girls wear them. Then I had a strong impression of these 3 little girls sitting in a hospital corridor on seats in a row, waiting. They were anxious.

Then I was back at the river, and a very small girl, about 2 or 3 years old, was standing crying, with black clouds swirling around her, she called out "Grandma!" I found myself using the state of consciousness that I felt when I was cleansing the house at the beginning, to flood her with white light, and the clouds disappeared. Then someone came for the girl. Bizarre!



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