Connecting with Higher Selves, Living People, and Past Lives

Allowing unbridled, natural unfoldment from the subconscious to the conscious mind has enabled participants to connect with minds other than those on the next plane of life. Examples of the connections follow.

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~
The next two participants refer to meeting Craig's Higher Self.

I reached my place of love, this beautiful moving circle, a very big opening, formed like a circle made of little clouds, moving particles, naturally in my favoured color rosa. I was waiting there for a while but nobody was coming. I asked: " Is ther anybody who likes to see me?"... nothing....then after a little while someone arrived behind me, touching tenderly on my shoulder. IT WAS YOU!!!! I was really suprised , while you're laughing so loudly and neverending.You looked very beautiful, with a long robe, similar like the lawyers are wearing, but your's one was ivory colored and shining so bright, giving you such a great importance and respect. You said always laughing: " Hi Ellen, there You have me! You are amazed at me, aren't You! Yes, this is me, my Higher Self! I' m always here, every night, I knew that You're coming through and I want to meet You, exactly here! My surprise has been successful! Yes, I.m always here, meeting my guides, superior energies with great intelligence and wisdom. Here they 're advising me, conselling me... it is very important for all my researching... " Then You take my hand and together we're standing in front of my moving love circle, waiting what would happen. After a short time Karl came out, you knew each other, because he was greeting you very friendly.

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~
description of connecting with higher selves from a participant
who has the afterlife connections every morning

This morning during meditation I first saw the horizon again. This time it looked as if the sun was setting because there was a very slim line if light. Initially I was alone (as my higher self). I asked, "Who is here?" Gradually I became aware that the higher selves of several people I know were with me. There was a sense of waiting on our part. I could see each of us clearly. My partner was there, you [referring to Craig], three women in my discussion group, a therapist , and a friend who first handed me the book Your Eternal Self months ago. Our teams were also there. I asked, "Why us?" The answer came, "Because your hearts are the same." As we waited together, a group of people from the other side came toward us. When they were close, we all knelt down and bowed our heads. We all knew that the presence of God was/is everywhere. There was a deep, silent, reverence. I was going to ask another question about working together, but I knew that question was premature. I then returned to this physical space.

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~
She connects with Craig's Higher Self and her son's (still on the Earth plane) Higher Self.

My first appearance I noticed during the Higher Self connections is You, never changed this beauty and lightness in your great smiling face…. All seemed smiling, your eyes, your eyebrows, your cheeks, your mouth… your moving and waving ivory colored toga is sitting well on you, but the most wonderful aspect is your shoulder-length hair, golden blond and moving like a silk cloth in a breeze.

I asked you to guide me to my son, because I wanted to try a connection with his Higher self. You put an arm around my shoulder, leading me to a quite place, where we’re meeting my son, near to my father…. They seemed rather one person only, I saw my father and in him I realized the young face of my son… sometimes like a little boy, very strange. You ‘re always beside me, making me feel to go on, although the meeting seemed to have some difficulties.

My son/father: “ I’ve to learn my lessons, but it is difficult, I’m deeply hurt, I’m feeling sad and so alone. I’ve lost my wishes , my ideals. Do you remember, when I was a little boy at school, how many times they treated me badly… it is always the same feeling, being hurt and being alone, I’ve to work it up… father was intervening, ”Be calm, I’ll take always care of him, his life plan is not so easy, he Karl suffer for other times, feeling himself lonely, he hasn’t yet worked up his experiences during his childhood, therefore, when they hurt him, he feels the same he feels, when he was a little boy. Negative energies try to profit of his weak condition…. Making him thoughts of anger and rage and vengeance, he is very powerful, he know that and he’s controlling this power… I help him, don’t worry. He is a very good young man, his good shall triumph!... Pray always for him, that Karl be a deeply help, show him that you love him, but sometimes be stronger, ally with him in the music…. Give him a strait life direction, he doesn’t find it by himself, because he’s running in an never ending circle.”

A short appearance of my grandmother. Me: “ Thank You ,making my mother sleeping so well during the night. Thank you!”

I’m asking for Karl, I’m calling him loudly…. A lovely golden shining face appeared smiling at me. “ I’m always with you! I love you! Don’t miss me, I’m with you! But there are rules! Sometimes I must be in the background!

There was You again, the sign that the connection was ending, your friendly embracement was leading me out ….

Note from Craig

When I was young, I was a tow head. My hair was white blonde. And now I prefer to have my hair long.

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~
the loved one in spirit describes a past life; the participant asks
about an older lady she saw in the previous session

I asked her to tell me more about the older lady. It was her. I asked when she was that women. I was getting 1890 but I don't know if I pushed the 90 part so I'll just say 1800's. Then I got an image of the farm from the Wizard of Oz. I immediately thought she was like Auntie Em. I asked if she was more like Auntie Em or Dorothy and got Dorothy. (Now I'm more "getting information" more than seeing Mellanie and having her tell me.) I asked if she grew up on the farm. Got yes. I asked if I was there and yes, I was a friend of hers. I got an image of riding a bike. I asked her name and got June Bennett. I also got Lena as a middle name but I felt like I might be pushing that name.

Then I got a flash of a male face that was looking down starting to look up at me close. That scared me and I asked for my Angels and Guides and thought of the white light. I asked to go back to the clouds. I asked why I saw her so far away last night. She said she was busy. She wanted me to see her but she was also busy. I got the feeling that she was happy to be with me now though.

I was still a little freaked about the face popping in so I was distracted with that. I said I was going to leave now and told her I should be back Sunday as Saturday was going to be a busy day. I asked if she was going to check in on us Saturday and she said yes. I told her that I hear her name alot when we go to softball games (as we are doing tomorrow) and I felt her smiling.

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~
the participant realizes the person she had been regularly connecting with in her sessions whom she had met there, not a loved one, was connected to her in another life

Something else happened today during my lunch break. I decided to listen to some relaxing meditation type music. I closed my eyes and I was back in the water from this morning. I was young. When I reached the shore, Karliam was there again. We ran and ran and laughed. Something was startling to me as this happened. The relationship had another facet. We both realized that we had loved each other many, many years ago. All of a sudden we were climbing trees in an island forest. We were both dark skinned. Currently I am not. We were like island natives, very close to the earth and the creatures. We could read each other's minds and that ability brought us much joy and closeness. We were gentle with the animals, even the little critters who were insects. I saw us sit around a fire ring and communicate with each other using only our minds. We died at the same time. I asked him how we died and he told me that they tied us together and set a fire in a circle around us. He said that we used our minds to feel no physical pain. They killed us because they thought we practiced witchcraft. We were not afraid.

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~
The loved one in spirit explains how the participant can see
glimpses of people who are on the Earth plane

I went straight back to our Garden and my husband was there. In the Garden was Mum and Dad and I spoke to Mum. She assured me all was well. She looked like she did 35 years ago and Dad the same. In another part of the garden other family were there. Grandparents but they were fainter.

One strange aspect was flashes of people who are on the earth plane - I was glimpsing them only. My husband said parts of our being were on two levels. That seems right in that when my husband died I have always felt a part of me was with him.

I had some difficulties to avoid drifting - as if my consciousness mind was trying to cut in - overwrite it. My husband seemed to realize it and took my hand.

I struggle with validation - I need to think of a question beforehand

This experience was good because I wanted to see my Mum and Dad . My husband facilitated it.



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