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Connecting with Higher Selves of People on the Earth Plane Unable to Communicate

This procedure is in its initial testing. Journal excerpts follow. The first excerpt is from the journal of a person who learned about those who cannot communicate on the Earth plane while she was having a Self-guided Afterlife Connection experience. The three journals that follow were written by a second person, who had a successful connection using the procedure. The next connection explained in a journal excerpt here was experienced by a person going through the Self-guided Afterlife Connection procedure. The final successful connection resulted when someone used the procedure to relax while sitting with her sister who has dementia.

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~
A participant who has deep, often metaphysical, afterlife
connections nearly every day learns about people who
are unable to communicate on the Earth plane

This morning during the self-guided exercise I was taken by surprise. I wanted to return to where I was yesterday, but I was inside something like an elevator that rapidly went downward. I entered a very long well lit hallways filled with people working at tables. The sense was that they were working with great focus and intensity. When I asked if someone had a message for me, they just looked up and smiled......a knowing smile. As I was leaving, I asked to have contact with Patrice again. I tried to go to the room from yesterday, but found myself remaining at the exit of the hallway. I asked her to come to me because I felt some confusion about the meaning of this and what seemed to be some level of fear. She did come and took my hand, directing me back to where everyone was working. I asked her what all this was about. She said, "These are people who can transition back and forth between the earth sphere and the afterlife. Their bodies may be housing Alzheimer's or some other brain disorder, or not. Some are just able to go back and forth." I asked what they were doing. She responded, "Their job is to work to raise people's awareness of the existence of the spiritual life and it's ultimate importance. You see how focused they are. They are planted on the earth for this purpose. They have a great deal of work to do." I was astounded by this information. Gradually I returned to this space.

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~
The next four journals are from the same person, beginning with the first connection. Her mother is bedridden and cannot communicate due to dementia caused by a series of mini-strokes. She is asleep 98% of the time.

I have tried several times this week to relax and follow the tape but have found it really difficult to do so.... today I have managed to 'let go' and relax enough to follow the tape. I found myself in a beautiful garden, full of trees and plants. I was really busy looking around and walking down the many pathways through the trees. Then a garden seat appeared and I sat down and concentrated on seeing images of my mother. My mum appeared on the seat next to me and I said 'Am I looking after you properly?' and she smiled and said 'Of course'. She kept reaching out to hold my hand. I said to her 'don't die' and she smiled at me and said 'No'. We then cuddled and I felt really emotional. I asked her to keep in contact once she 'Passed over' and I also asked her if it was possible for my father to also keep in contact in some way and she just smiled and then got up and left through the trees.

I was very surprised at the intensity of the emotion during the experience.

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~
Second session by the same participant as in the previous journal

[The task was to daydream a connection and let it unfold into a connection.]

I asked mum if I was giving her enough drink and she said I gave her too much sometimes. I then asked her whether she was happy and she said 'Yes'. I told her I was worried about my daughter and she said that she was 'Keeping an eye' on her.

I then really relaxed and started thinking about a friend I haven't heard of for months and months. The thought came into my head that I must email my friend and ask her to come to the house for a coffee. The thought came to me that my friend feels that I'm too busy to see her. I also felt that one of my other friends was also feeling I was neglecting her.

I'm a full time carer for my mother and it's very difficult for me to get out as I have to arrange for cover so I can see how this information is important.

Before I started the daydreaming I told my mother that I was going to sit and meditate and try and contact her and I asked her to try and contact me while I was relaxing. I felt that she may have understood this and managed to talk to me during the experience.

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~
Third session by the same person

I easily relaxed, it's becoming easier as I practise. The garden appeared naturally and I could see clearly all the flowers and trees. The chairs were already there before I even thought about the meeting area. Each time I try this meditation the picture becomes clearer and more defined.

I didn't need to really think about my mother at all, she was sitting on the chair waiting patiently. As soon as I saw her I said thanks for coming and she smiled. I asked her again whether I was looking after her correctly and she said 'Everything is fine'. I then asked her what she meant when she told me that she was 'keeping an eye' on my daughter and she said 'Well, I can help her'.

I asked if she could bring my father and he suddenly appeared sitting right next to her. They were both smiling and laughing. I told my mum I had a headache and she said 'Let me help' and she rubbed the side of my temple. My head is not as bad as it was so it has helped. I asked my father whether he would let me know he was around the house and he asked me what would I like him to do. I said that he should 'nudge' the bed the way he used to when he first passed over. He smiled and said he would let me know.

I told them both I loved them and they told me they loved me and then they faded.

I would like to say that yesterday in my meditation mum told me to email my friend who I had not heard from for the past couple of years and so I did and surprise surprise, she is coming up to visit us next week - such wonderful news!

The procedures are very valuable, they are validating to me that I am contacting my mother on some level.

Interestingly I had quite a bad headache before meditating and now [as she filled out the journal], half an hour afterwards my headache is still a lot better. It makes me feel that my mother really did help me with my headache.

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~
Fourth session by the same person

My father appeared in the garden in front of me. He took me by surprise as I was busy looking around and admiring the garden. He was very happy and smiling and came and cuddled me straight away. Then my mother appeared and I asked them if they had a message for me and they both said 'wherever you are, we will be there also'. I felt tremendous happiness and joy coming from them both and they were surrounded by light. I asked if they had anything else to say and they both just smiled. We all just spent a little time with each other and then they disappeared.

I think I am now able to relax quite quickly and I go straight to the garden so the procedures are very valuable.

Later, I was thinking about my father and the thought 'we are very proud (of you)' came to my mind. I feel that the thought may have come from spirit as it took me by surprise and the word 'proud' isn't a word I would use.

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~
The following two journals were written by the same person, who had connections during Self-guided Afterlife Connection sessions.

The second episode I came out of the water and went to lay down on a towel. There was a towel next to me and someone was on it. At first I was kind of afraid to find out who was there. I realized it was my mom, as she was when she was younger and healthy. She is still alive but has severe dementia and cannot communicate. I asked her if she would like to go into the water but she said she couldn't anymore. She told me she is okay. Again I don't remember it all -would have been helpful to journal immediately after - but I believe she was letting me know that everything I was doing for her is great and she realizes I have my own life. We saw a ship out on the water and she said she would like to get on it and just sail off. She was smiling and kind of laughing when she said it, but i felt like she really would like to leave this plane. I definitely had tears running down my face during this as well.

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~
The same participant who wrote the previous journal

I had some communication from Bryson saying he would like to 'show me around more'...we walked a path thru the woods to a pond, he started telling me about the fish in the pond. but then it faded and I felt I was surrounded on the periphery by all these family members as well as Bryson and then all of a sudden my mom was there, young and beautiful. She indicated she does come here often - she seemed to know that I have often wondered when she is speaking gibberish or seems 'not there' if she was communicating with those on the other side - she kind of laughed and said 'yes, this is where I go'. She said she has the best of both worlds this way. I was aware of the others on the periphery, there but not interacting, just watching. and got the feeling they all wanted me to have this connection with my mom, that it was more important than connecting with them at this moment.

Then it was like she wanted to take me in her arms as a baby and just tell me she is okay. I felt emotion during this whole thing, tears coming down my cheeks. I guess I was wondering why she wants to stay on the earth plane, but as I have felt before, I believe she is still here to teach me something. and she did indicate that there is a reason why and it will all happen as it is meant to and in the meantime she is just fine.

I communicated that I was looking for my dad's dad because I wanted to know if it was true my dad wouldn't last the year and she indicated that yes, he (my dad) would 'be here' soon...I got the feeling late summer. she jokingly indicated he was going to beat her there. I asked what about her and she kind of laughed and said, 'oh give me another year'. so I got the feeling next January.

I don't know if this is 'normal' to get impressions of when someone is going to die. I am not going to expect anything; it will be interesting to see what happens during the next year. I thanked her for coming to me in this way. I also felt very strongly that the others were doing this for me... as if they all helped bring me this communication because they felt it was important and I thanked them also. I do feel that my mom is okay and peaceful in her dementia, and there is a greater reason why. After the first time I connected with her in this way I have felt differently when I see her(she lives in our guesthouse with 24 hr care and I usually stop in every day), like I could look in her eyes and connect with her more and she seems to have a knowing secret smile :))

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~
This connection occurred when the participant, sitting with her sister who has dementia, relaxed herself using the induction procedure

My sister was moved into Hospice Care the night before last. As I woke up the next morning, an image of my sister running and dancing through a field of red flowers came to me. She was twirling and raising her arms with great joy and abandon. I went to see her a few hours later and we made the decision to remove the respirator and feeding tube. She has dementia and multiple other serious medical issues. Her face soon relaxed. I spent some time with her by myself and began to use the relaxation exercise...I did not complete the counting because the image of my sister in the field was so strong. I watched her dance and run and laugh. A person emanating great light and love approached her. I knew it was Jesus. Jesus was central to my sister's faith. He approached her with a smile, took her hand, and led her to the edge of the field where there was a huge choir so bright I could barely see individuals. They were rejoicing in her arrival. The message that clearly came to me was that my sister, although her body was still in this bed and she was breathing...was no longer here. She already left. This was so powerful.

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~

I felt the presence of my son [still on the Earth plane], I didn’t know, that is was his Higher Self: “ Mommy please help me! Help me!” I began to ask, I pray on my knees: “ Is here anybody who can help me, help my son! Please, can I talk to his Guide, to his Angel! Please, I’m his mother, I feel the same pain, I feel what he is feeling, he needs help! … I felt the presence of my father, a very strong man in his life on the Earth Plane. “ Don’t worry! Be Calm! I’m with Jimmy! I’m always with him! I’m one of his guides! I’ll protecting him, Jimmy has a great heart, he is to good for the Earth plane, he has too much love for all, he is like you!” Me: “ But you were always strong , strong! And you loved Fairness! Please help him! He suffered because they hurt him, being not fair!” My father: “ Be calm! He is under my protection! He will survive this terrible prove of life!” Me: “ All I’ll need is to know, that my children are happy, he is suffering and treated bad so often!” My Father: Don’t worry! I am always looking out for him!”

There is my mother [with dementia] and my grandmother [in spirit] too. Me: “Mummy, what is happening! Why are you so unfair and angry during the last days. I can’t go on any longer! You are making crazy the whole family” Mom: Weeping very much…. My grandmother put her in her arms: You need a little time out! Tomorrow bring her to your brother! That will help her and help you! You don’t pay the particular attention to her, she is accustomed to, therefore her childish reaction to arouse attention! At the moment you aren’t patiently with her… so for her, you are bad and she must be bad to you! Joke the joke! Give her love and she gives love to you, arouse attention and she will be happy…You know that all, forgive her, she loves you…. But tomorrow bring her to your brother and take a little rest for you!”…..

A great wish…. Therefore I’ll make a try: “ Is here my guide, my angel, someone for me?”…… no appearance….but a strong warm feeling, a great love and…. I felt a wonderful kiss on my head…a sign that means, “ I’m with you!” … here I noticed that I was still kneeling down…..Me: “ thank You, thank you from all of my heart”

… then I saw all coming to me, my father, my mother, my grandmother, my son, kissing on my head to… you [Craig's Higher Self] standing nearly, watching this emotional scene with a big smiling… you came to me, putting your arm around me, conducting out of that place… connection ended

P.S ….. out of that place???? a place I haven’t noticed… I cannot describe anything about this place… may it be that the place was here, at my computer, you were all here by me at home?????….

P.S : You can’t imagine how happy and reassured I am, that MY FATHER is protecting my son. Now I’m sure that for Tommy everything will go well!



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