Results of the Sessions Using the Self-guided Afterlife Connections Procedure

Since development of the Self-guided Afterlife Connection procedure began in July, 2012, I have read and responded to over 1,200 journal entries participants have written after completing each of the training experiences. The journals have enabled me to share in participants' experiences as they develop their abilities to connect with loved ones on the next plane of life. I have watched as participants have cultivated new relationships with their loved ones that continue the bond of love. The relationships do not end; they simply change.

Journal Entries

The participants in the Self-guided Afterlife Connections procedure have agreed to allow us to put some of their journal entries online for other participants and anyone interested in the Self-guided Afterlife Connections procedure to read. The excerpts are divided into categories. Click on a category to read the excerpts selected from the journals to be included in the category.



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