Mary's Life-Changing GAC

My name is Mary. My sweet husband has been in the afterlife for almost five years. I have been devastated and unable to move through my healing process. I saw Rochelle on July 18, three days before our 25th year wedding anniversary. Coming up to our anniversay, I was very depressed, hiding in my room and of course tearful.

My GAC experience was so intense, amazing!!! What a blessing!!!!! The message I received from my husband was affirming. He was here with me, alive and still loving me!!!!!

An incredible burden was lifted that is hard to put into words. Two days after the afterlife connection, on our anniversary, I woke up that morning feeling surrounded in his love, at peace and happy!!! I had the best day, no tears, sadness or grieving. The day of our anniversary will always be as special as the day we married.

I miss my sweetie, but the sadness has lifted, and I feel his love for me every day. My GAC with Rochelle truly has changed my life.


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