A GAC Targeting One Person Relieves Grieving
for Another Person Who Recently Passed

A psychotherapist named Leslie had a successful Guided Afterlife Connection with her mother. Her grief was greatly reduced as a result of the session.

The day after Leslies session, she called Rochelle to tell her that she was delighted to have realized that her grief from the passing of her life partner, Tom, two months before the session, had also decreased dramatically, even though he was not the target of her Guided Afterlife Connection session.

My sadness was huge when Tom died, Leslie said to Rochelle. I was totally devastated, grieving and intensely sad. Today, the trauma around his illness and death has dissipated. Prior to today, Ive been having deep, deep primal crying spells, coming from my very core. I was just devastated. Today, when I think of Toms passing two months ago, it doesnt have the same charge. The Guided Afterlife Connection with my mother has diminished the sadness over Tom. Now I realize that the deaths and grief are all clustered and locked together.


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