A Psychotherapist Is Referred to
Rochelle from the Other Side

A state-licensed psychotherapist named Jennie who works in grief therapy, but knew nothing about Guided Afterlife Connections was having a reading by a medium to connect with her loved ones who had passed. During the session, Jennie’s nephew, Brian, who had passed away at age 42 came through. Brian said to her through the medium, “People are having grief after their loved ones’ passing because they don’t think the deceased still loves them. You can help them connect with their loved ones so they find out they do still love them.”

Jennie had no background in afterlife connections, so she wasn’t sure what to make of his message. Brian continued through the medium: “You can help them connect with the deceased with that eye thing.” Jennie couldn’t make sense of that. She said, “Do you mean deep breathing and that sort of thing?” Brian said, “No, no, the eye thing.” Jennie said, “You mean through medication or relaxation?” Brian said through the medium, “No, no. “ Jennie said, “Do you mean EMDR?” [EMDR is eye-movement desensitization and reprocessing, using the same eye movements used in Guided Afterlife Connections to stimulate both hemispheres of the brain.] He said, “Yes! Yes!” and became very excited.

Jennie said, “I’m not good at that.” Her nephew said, “That will help them connect with their deceased loved ones.” Jennie said, “I have to get better at that. Where do I find out about this?” Brian said, “Go to the Internet. Look on there and you will find out. I will work with you. But you have to ask me.”

That evening, Jennie went onto Google to search for “afterlife grief therapy.” Rochelle’s website came up on the first page. The next day, Jennie called Rochelle with great excitement. She told Rochelle she was elated that her nephew had helped her find Rochelle and that she wanted to be trained immediately! Two weeks later, she went through the Guided Afterlife Connections training and now is qualified to use the procedure.

Soon after she was trained, she described what had happened in a discussion group. She also had another session with the medium. Her nephew came through and said he was very pleased with what had happened. He liked that she had the training and that she spoke about it in the discussion group. He knew about both. It was clear that he was, in fact, going to be present as she helped people to connect with their deceased loved ones to be reassured that they still love them. But she knows she has to ask him for the help.


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