Healing Connections

Participants receive messages intended to help them heal relationships, both with people on this plane of life and those on the next plane. The excerpts from journals that follow are examples of these types of experiences.

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~
The next two journals are by a participant who now
connects with loved ones every day

This morning during meditation time, I was inundated with my sister's presence. She came to me across the same field of red flowers where I met her once before. As she approached she was serene and said that she needed my forgiveness before she could move on to the next sphere. She came once before and apologized. I did not say words, but again I cried. She was intent and more serious than she usually was on the earth plane. She said, "We both tried as hard as we could." She smiled and so did I. She was with a man she admitted to loving when we last communicated in her home before she died. He died several years back. They walked away holding hands. My mother and father were leading them elsewhere in the afterlife. She said to me as she left, "You have been here before. This is my first time." I stood there for what seemed like a long time. When I came back to this physical place, I knew that I would probably have more contact with her. There is still some healing to allow.

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~
description of a healing experience from the writer of the previous excerpt

I began to see a lovely blue sky, dappled with puffy clouds, and the rays of the sun coming through. In front of me was a large, flat, prairie-like landscape. There were graceful animals sprinting in the distance. I could see mostly deer and gazelles. There were beings riding on some of them. I loved witnessing it all. After a while, from the horizon there were people coming toward me. I began to ask who they were. The response came, "We are from the other side." As they approached they reached out in my direction and three persons came forth from me. There was a child of six, one of ten years old, and an adult of about 31 years old. They looked exactly like three photos of myself at those ages. I have the photos. The two children were crying and the adult stood by them.

The people from the other side repeated several times, "We are going to love them into healing." The children and the adult were taken by the hand and walked away with those from the other side. I was told that they were being taken to see what I have already seen and that I could watch them as this happened. I was told that this would take time, but that I would know exactly when they returned to me. I felt a bit of discomfort, like I would be incomplete. At the same time, the love that these beings exuded was so overpowering that I knew it was all so good. I began to return to this physical place, wondering how and when they would return.

This experience sort of blew me out of the water! I do not feel incomplete as I write this, just somewhat "not here." I recognize those three as parts of me and on some very real level understand what is happening.



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