Sample Animal Connections

The excerpts that follow illustrate some of the uplifting, loving connections participants have experienced with their animal loved ones that have transitioned to the next plane of life.

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~

After the feedback of my last exercise, I entered stage 4 with a different mindset. I already felt "more free" and trusting of whatever experience brought.

At the prompt of a pet, I immediately connected to a dog that I had many years ago. This dog was a sweetheart, but VERY protective of me. He was a Shar-pei with many many allergy issues and health problems. I was the one who took care of him and nursed him through all his challenges. When my husband and I separated, I was unable to take Jack with me immediately. A terrible scene transpired about a month later in which my ex-husband claimed that Jack bit him on the back of his ankle with no provocation. My ex went to the ER and Jack was removed from the home and destroyed. I had no opportunity to intervene. It was so traumatizing. Sometime later, my ex did admit that his story wasn't exactly how things went down. Needless to say, I carried a great deal of guilt with me about Jack. I don't think I knew until today, just how much.

Jack came to me as I went to the place of love, he came and sat by my side on a stone bench. He looked so wonderful and healthy! It made me feel deep emotion. I conveyed how sorry I am and he told me that he was frightened when I left the home, but knew I had no choice and did not blame me. When I say he "told" me....I mean he conveyed it...I didn't hear words. He said that Frank scared him, and kicked back at him, and he just reacted by biting. He said he didn't forgive me, because there was nothing to forgive. He told me that he sends his love to me through my current dog, Jasper and that he is glad I have Jasper in my life. He knelt by my leg, and leaned onto my knee and it was just quiet and peaceful.

Oh valuable!! I did not expect to connect with a pet! It was moving and I am very THANKFUL for the experience. I feel like I resolved a sad piece of my life from a long time ago. I also "knew" exactly what had happened in my heart and forgave my ex husband because I don't think I could have continued having a civil relationship with him, had I not forgiven him. Interestingly enough....apparently I hadn't forgiven myself!

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~

I have wanted to see one of my beloved dogs, Nessie, a female Border Collie, who died a several years ago. I either feel her, and my other more recently deceased Border Collie, or feel an easy access to them, whenever in wish for it. But I have not really visited with her, so I asked to have an encounter with Nessie.

A rather ferocious , barking, tense tail up, growling dog appeared in a small auditorium like room and as I could not see clearly, and Nessie liked to carry on as a terror sometimes, I thought for a while this was Nessie and just waited for her to let go of her posturing. But it went on for a while too long and so I asked the dog, “Are you Nessie?”¯ The answer was “No, I am not Nessie.”

I called on my Guides to take care of the situation and asked that someone please remove this dog.

The dog was removed almost instantly and then Nessie ran to me, tried jumping on my lap. Imagine, 80 lbs dog in my lap! She tried and tried but could not do it too successfully and so stood up on her hind legs and started to lick me, my face, “clean”¯ my ears, all in a frenzied way. This used to be Nessie’s way, rather difficult to deal with in physical life but very much okay as we are two beings without bodies.

I asked Nessie who and why was the other dog here before she came. She explained that he just passed on and he was trained to be a guard dog and is not used yet to the change. He takes upon himself to guard the entrance to the dog realm. No big deal to Nessie, and it was not a big deal to me.

Then we laid both on the ground and hugged and licked/kissed each other. For a long time. Just love.

Someone threw a ball a short distance away and Nessie jumped and chased the ball. Then ran off into some meadow and was playing, as it appeared from a distance, with a small dog. I watched from a distance for a while, did not want to disturb her, and eventually went to where she was. No, this was not a small dog but a few very young puppies and Nessie was playing with them and teaching them about something to be smelled in the grass and bushes. This was typical Nessie, an often ferocious dog who loved taking care of the young children and dogs, actually loved taking care of everyone as long as she was in charge. She was in this way unchanged.

I asked Nessie whether I can be with them there. Yes, of course, she communicated to me.

Then I remembered how breathtaking beautiful Nessie was to me when in her body, her fur, her shape, her gate. She communicated that this beauty was an external manifestation of her love of life, of nature, of her exhilaration in the world of nature.

I asked Nessie some questions about life and about myself but she had neither any answers for me nor any interest in these questions.

Then again we laid on the ground and loved, hugged and kissed each other. I asked Nessie what she does now, is she happy. Yes, she is happy and she does exactly what I saw her do, She runs, plays, takes care of the young puppies, is very active. I understood that many of her neurotic behaviors when in the body were because her very active energy did not have enough outlets. And she is happy now. And of course she loves me. She had no other messages for me. Maybe no message at all if I did not ask her my questions. But her joy was palpable. And love and joy was between us and all around us.

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~

After the relaxation exercise, I can feel the presence of my wife. I feel that she wishes to accompany me and be there for me. Then we are standing on the veranda of our house. I have my right arm around her shoulders.

The opening with light coming through appears. We step through. I am somewhat surprised. Every pet in my life (every animal soul I've lived with) is there - 5 cats and a big German Shepherd. I recognise them first. There are also two people there. I look more closely. It is my parents from this life. This is a surprise. If I had to use one word to describe my childhood, it would be repression. It is not a "crying with joy and tearful hugs" type of reunion. I have the feeling they are concerned about me and want to know how I feel I am doing. I have a surprise for them.

I tell them that I know that the conditions of my childhood were something we agreed to prior to my birth. I needed to work through trust and being able to love issues that required being put in a situation that made me work to develop those abilities. I thanked them for their keeping their side of the agreement. I told them my perceptions of our time together - and that I know that memory is a tricky thing and may not be accurate. I also told them that I would like to meet and talk with them after this life, when I can see more clearly and do not have the obstruction of physical density in the way. I am sure that either we are either good friends already; or individuals I want to know since one does receive help in setting up one's life-conditions and the wisdom of the guidance that brought us together shouldn't be ignored. They departed. I felt a sense of closure there. I was here in France at the times that both of them crossed over.

I then had the chance to thank each of the animal souls for giving me the honour of their presence in my life and sharing their time with me. I feel a lot of love for them and from them.

I have a lot of respect for animals. There once was a Dilbert cartoon strip that I think is really true. The dog (Dogbert) is standing there saying that "The difference between people and animals is that animals always live to their full potential, people seldom do."

I thank them for coming to meet me again. I then say that it's time for me to return. My wife and I step out through the opening. We are back on the veranda.

She is smiling at me and asks if I remember this. She then gives me an image of the 2 of us sitting on a bench at her parent's house. We are about 4 years old. It is Christmas Eve. She asked me to bring an extra pair of shoes with me. Her father is telling the story of Olentxero (the Basque version of Father Christmas). I can't hear him clearly. She gives me the knowledge that he is telling the story.

I leave the extra pair of shoes in the middle of the room next to hers when I go home with my parents. She smiles and waves to me as I leave her house. Wow!

She then kisses me on the cheek with her fingertips under my chin and stands there smiling at me as I count myself back up.

My parents showing up kind of took me off-guard. I've been working on figuring out why they were that way and why I had to go through what I did. My wife helped me understand this. It is a carry-over from our life together. I didn't know how to deal with her death very well. I lost my abilities to trust, to give or receive love and my faith. Dumb, as I blocked her contacting me in doing so.

I was really amazed and happy about all of the animal souls that had come. I felt love from every one of them.

After leaving the area of light, my wife just completely blew me away with the memory she gave me. Everything was consistent. Her brother was 2 years younger that her. He was about 1 and a half or 2 years old then - so I didn't see him. The bench was in their kitchen/dining area. Her father was a really good story-teller. He was well-read, had an impressive, deep voice; and he loved telling stories.

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~

I tried stage 4 twice yesterday and nothing happened. I tried again today and it was different.

I knew what to expect in the recording because I had listened to it before. Before there was any mention of going to a place where love is I saw a scene. It was a huge field of daffodils with the sun shining of them and butterflies all around. In the sky some clouds had come together to form the shape of an elderly man's face and his was smiling down at the field, his face full of love. I walked through the field and the butterflies followed me. Then I had a feeling of my horse and my dog that had passed away many years ago. Satin was my very first horse and he had taught me how to ride. Teddy was a miniature collie and I was closer to him than any dog I had ever owned. The feeling was more like the feeling you have for a human friend than for a dog. I had not thought of either of them prior to the session, nor had I planned to connect with them.

I felt the presence of both of them. I remembered how I used to ride Satin in the woods with Teddy trotting behind us. I caught glimpses of both of them in the field of daffodils. I was enjoying it when I suddenly caught a glimpse of part of a cat's face. I wasn't sure if it was friendly and a tiny bit of alarm went through me. Then suddenly I felt it against my arm, not in the field of daffodils but against my arm in the chair in which I was reclining. I instantly relaxed again as I recognized it. It was my cat Saturn. He had died many years ago when he was 25 years old. His face had been a bit wild looking, not cute like the average domestic cat and when I first caught a glimpse of him, I had not recognized him. Now I knew exactly who it was. I could feel his fur against my arm which was resting on the chair. Then I heard his purring quite loudly. He sounded so extremely happy. He dominated everything. I was only aware of his fur and his purr, nothing else, not the horse, not the dog, not the daffodils, just him.

Then there was a beeping noise from my computer which brought me out of my relaxation. It was warning me that the power level was too low.

The session then ended.

The sensation of touch from the cat's fur was so real and much more real than I had imagined a sense of touch to be as well as the loud sound of purring. It was like he was purring in the room. It was amazing.

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~

I found it a little difficult to see anything at first, and then found myself standing on a slight slope, looking down at a pale pathway that led - in the distance - to a beautiful city of Light. It had towers and spires and all of the buildings were glowing with Light, almost like light shining softly through glass or crystal. It brought joy to my heart. I wanted to talk to Peaches, my kitty, or at least just see her. I asked for her to appear and she was right there in front of me on the pathway. She said "I'm here". And when I asked her how she was, she said "I feel young and free". I told her how much I loved her and how I missed her physical presence. I sat down on the path and she jumped onto my lap and I was able to hug and caress her soft, warm body. It was as though we were both fully physical, I could feel her fur under my hands. She didn't say anything else and just let me cuddle her for a while.

Once again, I was rather overwhelmed by the experience - I guess that I get too emotional at times, and this was one of them. I felt rather bad that I did not say thank you to her when she was with me, but I remembered to do so during the counting out.

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~

I had no problem doing the meditation without music. The relaxation exercise is able to bring me into a safe and quiet place easily. I was asking if there was a message for me and if my son could come to me. The garden did not immediately appear this time, instead I was in a bright orb and could not see the things around me. I felt cool, rounded pebbles under my feet and I was walking on a path of some sort. Then I heard water splashing, like the sound of a small stream falling on stones. I felt guided to sit and was inside of a solid cubby chair with high back and top and sides so the only thing open was the front. There was no softness to the material it was made from but it was warm and totally comfortable. I could still feel the pebbles and there was also cool water on my feet.

Then my vision opened and I saw thousands of daisys falling like feathers from above, piling up on the ground like snow would. I began walking through them and it felt delightful. I felt a bouquet of flowers placed in my arms, kind of like I would hold a baby. I could not see them, just felt they were a bouquet.

Then there was a wooden table in front of me stretching out for a long distance with benches on either side. They were empty and there was nothing at all on the table, but it seemed to be in preparation for some event in the near future. For just a moment my daughter's dog who passed two years ago was nuzzling my hand. I petted her and saw that her eyes were soft and loving; she left something on my lap. When I felt it it seemed to be a rose with the thorns on the stem, they didn't pick or hurt me. I looked and it was a rose with many colors at the same time.

I was still sitting in the cove chair, at the end of the table looking over it and saw a huge double door opening at the other end of the room. There was a soldier(?) of some sort. He brought me a folded note card with the words MOM scripted in gold print. I opened it and read the words; "I love you mom". Then I was in the garden with the swing and Greg was sitting next to me. He hugged me and I just held him for a few long moments, just enjoying his near presence. I asked him if he had a message for me and he said; "Yes. Be patient, there are things coming soon and the meaning of the daisys will be answered". Then I started coming back, so I counted myself around.

The procedure is working very well for me. I think I have incorporated it and find myself inducing when I think of "the beyond". It is not troublesome, I can go ahead or not at will. I have taken a break from this for the last several weeks and it is just as easy to begin again as if I never stopped.

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~

That was more "dreamy" an experience than that of the beach (stage 3). I felt the love and the protection of the white light. (although from time to time I felt the need to check that it was protecting me). As soon as I stepped in the "doorway" my two grand mothers, two grandfathers, my father in law and two pets (dogs) were there. All had the age as when they passed on. They looked healthy. My relatives were smiling constantly and seemed very happy. The two dogs also waived theil tails and came to me to be petted. My grandfathers and one of my grandmothers were standing amidst a glowing white mist (or cloud). I could see their upper torsos, hand and heads. My father in law and the other grandmother of mine were sitting. I couldn't see anyone's legs.(Except of the dogs - I could see the terrain under their feet). I asked them how they were doing. They all replied that they were happy. I came close and we touched each other's hands. One of my grandfathers, who have been taking care of me when I was a child, stroked my head. Generaly they didn't talk much , especially my father in law, but all kept smiling.

Three other persons - clients of mine - who had passed away the last few years, made their appearance and came to greet me. They also said that they were happy and calm - they were joking all the time.

After having completed the session - stage 4, very vivid memories flooded my ming. I recalled moments and evends with my loved relatives and pets; memories that I thought I had forgotten forever.

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~

I went to a beautiful mountain stream in Utah. After I walked through the doorway, I immediately sensed that my mother and my dog Fluffy were there together waiting for me. Then, after a few moments, I saw them. My mother was a shadowy figure, with almost a ghostlike quality about her.

Fluffy, however, looked like she always did. She was extremely still, which was unlike her. For some reason I knew without a doubt that my mother could only come to me if Fluffy was with her. Mama was unable to communicate with me except with Fluffy at her side.

Then many shadowy figures began to surround Mama. I could not make out exactly who they were, but knew that it was good that they were there. My mother told me that it was known in the afterlife that I would visit with her tonight and that news had spread quickly. The figures with her were people who loved me and wanted to be with her when she spoke with me. I felt a great love coming from them all.

I asked my mother where my other dog, Charlie, was. She told me that Charlie has so many people who love him and that he was busy playing.

All this time Fluffy, who was always so full of life, was so quiet and still. It was if she did not want to interrupt this time I had with my mother. I hugged her and gave her a kiss. My mother was trying to tell me something about the time when, as a small child, I had almost died of pneumonia. I could not understand what she was trying to tell me.

Obviously she sees much of what I do on earth. For several weeks I have been trying to learn to sew, but have absolutely no talent for it. She told me, "Stop trying to sew. Read instead."

She told me that she knew I was getting ready to go to Alaska for several months. She also gave me a message to give to my cousin, and best friend. "Tell Frieda that her mother and father says she is not smiling enough."

I told her that I did not want to maker her tired, but that I would come again. Then I told both of them how much I missed and loved them. They seemed to simply fade away.

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~

Once again, my father appeared even before the instructions came to go through a Heavenly door. He greeted me and said that it's good that I'm coming back here again. Then when the voice instruction broke through to go through the doorway, my Dad said to me 'well, listen to your teacher and do what he says'; so I walked up to this door and walked through it, and Dad stood there, smiling as if to say 'that's good'.

He said 'look who's here with me again' and then he was holding my pet rabbit, Anubis, who was happy and peaceful. Dad said to me 'hold her' and I did'; I felt her in my hands. I started to cry again and Dad told me not to cry; that there's no reason to cry; that I can see that they are there. I patted her and kissed her. Dad said that I was on the right track to be pursuing my spiritual journey. I told him that I found it hard at times, that I didn't always know what to do or where to go for information or answers. He said to take things in steps, one step at a time - that it's all about steps. I said that we used to take walks together while he was alive and he said this was like taking walks, one step at a time; that this is what we will always do, taking steps, moving forward.

I told him that others in the family don't believe in this spirit stuff; that they often think it's all nonsense or imagination or bogus and that it frustrates me. Dad said that it is because of fear; that people will often just go with what they know because it feels comfortable to them, like always choosing the same meal on a menu over and over again, rather than picking a new dish for fear you may not like the new meal. So you choose what you know to be safe and familiar. He told me to not feel angry or frustrated with this but to understand where they're coming from. That they're just wanting to see the world as the only place of being comes from a need to feel safe with what is familiar and known.

I saw other pets just lounging around on this Oak island; the mosses were so thick and lush, everything green and warm. One of my cats from the past, Tiger, actually smiled at me.

I asked Dad if I could hug him. He said yes; I did hug him and felt the material of his shirt and his bones pressing against me and the scratch of the hair on his chin. He said that this was probably enough for now; to not try for too much all at once and that it was good to come back there. I also told him that I would like to connect with my mother who crossed over just a few months ago and that I felt disappointed that she'd not made much connection yet. He said that she'd been busy meeting with many people and other beings since she'd crossed over; that she means to connect but that it's like I can find days here on earth where there's so much on the agenda that I don't always get to everything I'd like to do in a day - he said it had been much like that for her, but that she wants to make the connection. That I'm to just give her time.

Then things faded out. I didn't count to come out of anything; the image of them just faded out.

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~

I tried to have a connection four times. The first time I fell asleep. The second time I had nothing and found myself on a wild daydream that had no relevance to anything. The third time i was pressed for time and so I gave up and then I did it a fourth time. I truly believe that if you have a clear mind and good control on your mind that you can see the afterlife. I am not sure if I have good control. So I am not convinced yet that this is real or if it is just my wild imagination.

The first two or three times I tried to imagine my place of love as a garden. I didn't get many results. The fourth time I imagined it was the clouds. Across the distance was heaven. Before I had even got through the door (which was red with a love heart cut out of it) my old pet Cockatoo came flying out of one of the surrounding clouds. He landed on my shoulder and nestled his head on my neck. The detail on him was incredible. I could see the grooves on his beak, the ting nostril feathers, the detail on his claws even. He flew off after awhile and I went through the door. On the otherside was my dad in one of his old favourite sweaters. He was wearing sunglasses. i asked him why he was wearing them as I thought people in heaven didn't need anything like that. He said he was wearing them because he liked them. I asked him if he had seen Luc and he said 'you could say that' and Luc peered out from his leg and I gave him a cuddle. But I began to cry in real life and it disturbed me a little bit.

Then my grandmother came back with her dog under her arm (this time it was a different dog) and said "I told you that good things were just around the corner". I told them that I had to go. That I was too sad. I kept looking at heaven in the distance with the big golden gates. But I knew I wasn't allowed there. They huddled together and waved goodbye to me. Then I counted down.

Some of the detail in this is extrodinary. Things that wouldn't usually occur in dreams or imaginings (like the grooves in my birds beak or the details in his feet) but somehow I feel they are saying things that i want them to say.

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~

As I began stage 4 exercise I had intended on thinking about my grandfather, only, it was not my grandfather that I could concentrate on. immediately after starting the exercise A vision of my dog buddy flashed into my head. As I was feeling myself let go, I was in a beautiful flowered meadow with petals falling as snowflakes. the grass and flowers were tall and i heard a faint bark in the background. I envisioned a doo way surrounded by light that floated in the meadow. I did not see Buddy but rather I sensed him running and frolicking around me. I could feel tears streaming down my face only it wasn't sadness or relief that I felt. I felt very content. smiling and laughing as he ran circles around me. This went on for what seemed quite a while. I got the sense from Buddy that he was happy and at peace and was rather enjoying himself as he frolicked around me. Then as fast as the notion hit me, Buddy was gone and I was still in the meadow, and felt a sense of peace overwhelm me. I then awoke from my trance.



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