Sample Self-guided Afterlife Connections

The excerpts that follow illustrate some of the uplifting, loving connections participants have experienced.

~ Participant Journal -- Her Second Session Journal Follows This One ~

A woman has a wonderful connection in her second session.

O MY GOD. Before I even got to my *happy place* my dad was there. It was beyond my wildest expectations. I envisioned a cozy cottage, something with a nice bed and warm pillows and blankets, with warm natural light streaming in. There was a small kitchen area, and a living room. My dad came in the room and just flopped onto the bed on his back!

He was just totally enjoying himself! He said to me Hey, Isn't this GREAT?

He kept saying this PLACE IS STUPENDOUS! It's wonderful. He was overjoyed. I hugged him and held his hands and he felt so solid and real. He kissed the top of my head. He made it a loud "Mwah!" kiss.

I could see his eyes, how they sparkled and even the hair on his hands! He was a bit thinner, looked about age 40-45. Just a picture of health and happiness.

I saw our old foxhound Lennie. Even the dog was excited--he was barking and running around and jumped on me. My dad threw a ball for Lennie and the dog was just bounding around us.

I asked where's Mom? He said we are together whenever we like, but we do things apart too. I can fish and fly my plane, and I take hikes with your mother and we go square dancing for fun. He said his parents were there too, and they often shared meals, just to spend time together. He said he had built a few things with his father, a carpenter by trade. They both loved working with wood. Just to BE together.

I asked him why he broke a promise that hurt me a lot (he promised me a horse if I graduated high school but I never got my horse) He got very serious. He said he was dreadfully sorry and he would give me FIVE horses when I got to the afterlife. We laughed.

I asked why he had never helped me financially, and that I was for sure struggling now after two horrible divorces. He said he figured I was OK, because I was always the resourceful one. He said he would help me all he could, from now on-and ALL I had to do is ask.

He said Just WATCH, you'll see. Things will turn around for you real soon.

He said he never knew I had money troubles. He said the dementia had kept him in a fog, plus all the medications he was on. He had been so diminished. (true!)

He was better than good now! He was smiling and overjoyed the whole visit.

I told him I was sorry for being such a snot when I was a teenager. He just laughed!

He said he knew me and all my kids came to the hospital after the ambulance delivered his dead body-even though he couldn't make us aware, he was right there. He said that was the damndest feeling-to be invisible, but still ALIVE.

He also told me that I cuss too much (TRUE) and he'd like it if I could curb that bad habit.

It was like seeing my Dad, at his absolute best...times 10. Wonderful.

He said I could see him anytime, so I hugged him again and brought myself back.

~ Participant Journal Excerpt by the Same Woman Who Had the Previous Connection~

WOW! That is truly hard to believe. EVERYONE was there. I did not expect such success so soon. When the narrator suggested a pet or person in an opening to the afterlife I, of course, pictured Gary my Rottweiler who died in 2011. I stepped toward the, suddenly appearing garden, opening and there for sure was Gary. Just as in the hypnotherapy session in May this year, Gary came bouncing up...but so didn't the feeling of many folks approaching from out of the mist. My Dad, my Mom, my Aunt and Uncle who were like my grandparents in my youth, their son who passed in an accident early in life the year I was born. Never met him. My maternal grandparents who were quite religious.

I was overwhelmed and started Dad told me to stop crying or I might break the connection! He said almost hurriedly, "take that watercolor class", (I had debated over it.) My Mom hugged me and I went to each to touch them and they were all beaming with smiles. As I set here writing this its hard to control my tears. I think it was my father who said "it took a lot for us to all be here at once. " I agreed and thanked them all profusely over and over. I was simply overwhelmed. If it was my imagination, so be it. I loved it! I hugged my sister briefly as well as everyone, including my father-in-law who I hardly knew since he passed in 2005 before my husband and I married. I only met him about three times. I asked him where Marie was, my mother-in-law who passed in 2011, and he said smiling, "she has not arrived here yet." She needs more time....or something like she is having some problems. Both my in-laws were devout First Church of Christ followers, especially my father-in-law. He was a deacon of the church! He would have poo-poo'ed any of this for sure when alive.

I found myself floundering in what to say. I remember holding onto my Dad and Mom's hand and pleading for them not to leave. My Dad gave me the feeling in a joking manner.."you will be the one to break the connection, calm down. We will visit again and often, one on one is better." I said, "Oh please, that would be wonderful." I remember my Mom remarking again that "Linda is fine, (my brother still living who has Alzheimer) don't worry over him." It only seemed a moment in time when someone remarked I needed to go back now. They had only moments before they all had to leave. I felt torn between staying and leaving. I did not want to leave our visit. I turned to leave but they were not leaving. I went back and hugged my Mom and Dad once again. I reached for the many hands extended to me. I think it was at that point I asked them to all send my daughter healing prayers and soothing thoughts. She is having some very painful health issues right now as well as her husband.

At that point I knew if I did not go back through the garden entrance they would fade and I would be alone. I think Gary was with me until I reached the clearing on the other side of the garden gate and then he went back through the gate to the other side. I remember asking my Dad who was caring for Gary and he replied they all were. He made the rounds.

I wish I had more time with each of them. It was like I could not control my overwhelming emotion. Of course, I have been trying to contact them, especially my Dad for a long time. I attempted EVP, meditation, mediums, hypnotherapy. I never was satisfied with it. Perhaps the reason they all showed up is I make it a practice when I shower to talk to them or send warm and kind thoughts to all that were there in hopes they would give me a sign. I purchased a kindle book "AfterLife Communication, 16 proven methods". This website and what it offers was one of those methods. I am so glad I came here. I think I was doing exactly what one should not do in efforts to connect...try to control or have expectations. Just 'BE' and if they are there it just seems to happen. I actually went into this meditation this morning as simply a time of introspection since I sort of felt like I was able to see my sister for the first time yesterday, surely I would not be allowed to speak to anyone else, at least, this week! LOL

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~

I had a little trouble settling down and focusing trying to talk my own way into relaxation, without the narration, but I was able to do it, to invoke the protecting White Light and to connect with Steve, who was the person I connected with last session and was the intention I had this time again. As of right now, I feel like I need more practice and I keep trying to race ahead, not do the slow pace. I felt like Steve was already there waiting for me and I had to work with myself to get through the countdown. I wanted to try to stick to the instructions.

Once I went for where Love resides in me, Steve immediately stepped out from where it wasn't so clear to where he was right there and we were connected. He is so glad to have me there, and tells me I am doing it all fine, he's always been available and with me, and now I'm knowing it better too. I told him I'm trying to learn to listen and allow things to unfold, instead of always talking and taking the reins, as has been my pattern. He showed me some quick places we'd shared together when he was in physical, like a slide show, but we were at each place, not just looking at it. Him sitting at his desk at work and me there with him, us at a conference we went to together in NY, over at his house, and then he said today he just wants to go for a walk on the beach.

We were at the beach in my town that has the lighthouse that always connects me with him and we were walking along, now in bare feet, it was warm out, and we were walking at the ocean edge and also up in the sand. He was having fun, felt playful and full of love. He let me know we don't have to do anything spectacular when we meet like this. We can take a simple walk on the beach and talk to each other about anything we want to talk about.

I told him my two main concerns were with my husband Ray, and my mother. He let me feel Ray needed to feel only love from me, and to not be critical of him, and he will feel so good about himself, even as he faces retirement. His health will be okay and he'll be better and better as I let him feel loved and not criticized, as much as I can do that. My mother, "won't be too long, by summer" she may pass from physical. (She's 92 and fading away slowly) It felt peaceful, and Steve let me feel her passing would be peaceful, which has been her and my main concern. She lives here with us, and Steve showed me an image of me coming down one morning to check her and she had peacefully left physical life, so it would be as she wanted and I can let go of worrying. Steve knows that Ray and my mother are my two chief concerns. He said, Let's just walk on the beach, and he took my hand, and he encouraged me to feel how peaceful it felt. Things can be that peaceful, even not here walking on the beach. It was beautiful and sunny and warm.

I told Steve the hard part of these experiences of connecting is having to leave. He let me feel it's just like when Ray goes to work each day. I know I'll see him at night and I don't have to be sad each day. I have him in my heart and look forward to seeing him at night. Do the same with us, Gay. Just trust you'll be back seeing me, and I'm with you whenever you think of me. Soon you won't even need a process. Just think of me and trust it is me and we are connecting. Those are the feelings of what Steve was allowing me to feel when I was with him.

He held me tight and swung me all around and held my face looking at my eyes. I love the feeling and I love feeling it still as I write. I told him I wanted to count myself out so I could stop dreading that I had to leave, and that I would be back. I'm going to do this each day to keep practicing. All day yesterday I felt Steve right with me though, and it feels great!

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~

I was very pleasantly surprised with my ability to do Stage 7 [with no music or narration, only self-guidance]. I didn't think I'd keep my focus well enough, but I read through the instructions and set my intention to do it just as written, and that's what I was able to do.

When I got to the place where Love resides within me, my soul mate Steve was right there and asked me to sit on a stone bench with him. I did and he began to show me beautiful natural scenes as we sat there. I had the distinct feeling he was showing me what was possible where he is, that we don't have to go to the places, we can bring them to us by thinking them. They looked just as if we were there though, it wasn't any different, and they were gorgeous. Beautiful forests, the beach and waves rolling in, a close up of some flowers, then panning out to see a lilac arbor hanging down in an arched seating area. A variety of things, and all gorgeous.

He then took me for a quick swim, and we were there, in a river that was fairly side, in a flash. We swam and he then whisked me to warm up and we were by a fire, outside, in a round stone fire pit. Cozy and it did warm me up.

Then I wanted to see some farm animals and we were at a large farm, cows in the fields, and then some gorgeous horses in fields with green, green grass and white fences. It was lovely. We went inside a barn and, just like little kids, we were falling in the hay loft and enjoying some fun and laughs.

This whole time I was aware that I couldn't stop crying. The feelings well up in my so much and my shoulders are shaking along with the sobs. I was asking Steve why this was happening so much, and he stopped walking, took me by the shoulders and said, "Look at me. Look in my eyes." The idea was that what I was experiencing was so deep and I will have to keep experiencing these lessons to get my system up to where I can contain and manage this amount of deep, overwhelming love. The crying isn't because I'm sad, although there is sadness at the idea of leaving the time with Steve each time. It does feel like a crying of joy and overflowing love for what I am now able to experience, although I'm still in physical. I've always believed that I didn't have to wait to leave physical to be with Steve, and I am so thankful now that this is true. But I can't yet seem to fully manage it without this sobbing. I'm just glad it doesn't break my connection with him.

I told Steve I'm going to intend to do this procedure every day and get really practiced and smooth with it. I was so glad to know I could reach him without any music or narration. I did it on my own! I counted 1 to 5 and left for now, although I do feel Steve with me even now and throughout my days much more strongly now.

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~

The Self-guided Afterlife Connection

Even as I started paying attention to my breathing, I felt that my daughter was reminding me about how she had done in a class that she had taken a few years ago.

Then as I pictured a place of beauty, I was with Linda at a park. She was dressed in warm weather clothing. She seemed amused that I would be concerned about temperature and she enjoyed the idea that she was teaching me. We then were up in the air looking down at the tree tops briefly and then were back sitting together on the bench. We communicated for awhile about our feelings for each other. My father came from our left and stood to the side. I could sense my mother and nephew there also, but their form was not as solid as Linda's. My dad indicated that he just wanted me to know that he was proud of me, but wanted to allow me to spend this time with Linda. Linda let me know that she was glad that I was trying to stay connected with her and kissed me on the cheek to say good-bye for now.

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~
A woman has a Self-guided Afterlife Connection, then has a dream connection that night

I was able to relax and focus on my breathing easily and I chose the junction of the Grayling and Current rivers as my place of beauty. However I feel I may have drifted and did not receive all the instructions toward the end of the guided recording. I brought my focus back in time for the instructions to imagine stepping through the door in to the place of love.

Whilst I felt warmth and tingling in my hands again I had limted vision or experience. I told John that I loved him and was grateful for him and to have this opportunity to be with him.

I had a sense that John invited me to dance and I felt twitching almost like a squeeze of my left hand and felt my head tilt to the right. Then I sensed that John had asked me to join him to lay down on a picnic rug by the river. I was sending out love to him and then things became fuzzy and started to jump.

I seem to recall a very close up vision of an eye.

I also had a flash of my Grandmother in some sort of cart or car but then this unfolded in to a vision of the cable car that took John and me up to Sugar Loaf mountain on our trip to South America last year. I sensed John was showing me this as a remembered place of beuaty from our life together.

I don't recall much else.

Then the music ended and jolted me a bit so I started to count myself out. Much like session 3, I struggled to maintain focus to count out and semed to drift off toward sleep. When I got to 3 I sensed I was being pulled back. I told John it was OK and that we were just learning and that I would try again and meet him in my dreams.

I told him I loved him again before counting to 4 and 5 and waking.


The Dream Connection that Night

I am so excited to be able to report my experience last night.

I completed session 3 last night and some further reading on the web page about the importance of setting the intention to connect and then letting the connection unfold. After this I went to bed and kissed John's photo goodnight as I do every night and morning. I then rolled over towards his side of the bed and talked with him about how I intended to connect and about what I had read on the site about those in the afterlife and how connection could only be sustained whilst we were open to the communication. I apologized to him for taking so long to come back to this process and for not being open to receive him.

I told him I was ready to try again and do whatever it took to connect because I wanted our love and our union and communication to go on.

I finished by telling him how much I loved him that I was so grateful for him as he was the best thing that ever happened to me in this life. I then asked him to lay with me and hold me and to meet me in my dreams.

The next thing I recall, I was having a phone conversation with my soul healer/medium Barry. I told him I had no idea how I even came to be on the phone and after apologizing profusely to him for calling so late I hung up the phone and turned off the light. I was laying on my left side facing away from the bedroom door when I heard a sound. I then felt the mattress move and the feeling of someone crawling up on to the bed behind me. Excited and shocked, I lay very still and just waited in anticipation and then felt John move in to spoon me. I could feel the soft claminess of his skin against mine and I sighed with the ecstasy of that feeling which I had so missed and snuggled in.

With this, his right arm reached over me and his hand enveloped my wrist, (my hand was resting between my knees which were curled up toward my chest.) John always used to hold my wrist in his hand when we fell asleep spooning. I saw his arm move almost like a holographic image. It was almost like a black and white image and the movement had a slow motion and staccato nature to it, like watching someone move under a strobe light.

This was the only part of him I actually saw, the rest of his presence was only felt and heard. I could hear his breathing, feel his breath on my neck. I then felt him cup the back of my head and brush his fingers through my hair and then caress my neck. I was sighing and almost crying with the overwhelming pleasure of feeling him again after so many months of separation.

I just kept saying "I love you" over and over and then I heard him faintly whisper in to my ear that he loved me too. I snuggled closer and I could feel all of him naked against me.

After some time, stupidly I then said "I don't want this to long do we have?" and with that I woke, realizing that I had actually been dreaming. Although I was left thinking it couldn't have been a dream because it was like no dream I had ever experienced. I lay there quietly marveling at the fact that I had woken in the exact position I was in during this dream and then I realized that John was still pressed behind me, just not with quite the same level of intensity.

Filled with joy that this was no imagining or dream, I lay there not daring to move in case I destroyed the experience. I couldn't explain how, I just knew it was really happening. This must have lasted for at least 1-2 minutes until my arm started to go numb. Finally I said I had to turn over as much as I didn't want the experience to end. I told him that I now knew this would only be the first of many more experiences together.

I stirred and turned to face him and of course I could not see him. However instead of being devastated I felt nothing but love and gratitude. Sensing he was still near I just thanked him over and over because I had so longed for his touch. After reveling in this residual feeling for some I checked my phone for the time. It was just after 3.30am.

I have been on cloud 9 all day and was looking forward to returning to journal this experience.

I also contacted Barry today to let him know what happened because after reflecting on it, I wondered whether his presence at the beginning of this experience may indicate that John and I used Barry as some sort of conduit for connection. Do you have any thoughts about this?

However I do wonder if my excitement may have put some pressure on the fourth session tonight. I look forward to going to bed to see what may come however know deep down that the hoping may get in the way. I will just try to relax my expectations and have faith that John will return when the time is right.

As a strange coincidence, the last time I had a physical experience of John, where I felt pinned to the was also a full moon like it was last night. This makes me curious as to whether the full moon energy may help our connection in some way. It’s a full moon again tonight so who knows?!?!

Would be interested on your thoughts about this experience and my ideas about the moon energy and Barry's influence?

With joy and gratitide in my heart for this sweetest reunion with John so far.

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~

I walked into a meadow with wildflowers in the tall grasses. I could smell the scent of the wild flowers and feel the warmth of the sun on me. I saw some trees and horses in the near distance. Behind me on a small hill was a farmhouse and a barn. There were more horses and some other animals there. I heard the horses whinny and snort. They were running and seemed to be enjoying the freedom of running.

I was walking on a path through the meadow and I saw my friend Jean coming toward me leading two saddled horses. I was so excited to see her. She passed a several years back and I had not seen her for several years before that. I said hello and that I was so very glad to see her and she responded that she was glad to see me also. She asked me how my life had been in the years we had not seen each other and I told her if was good with my husband, children and grandchildren. I asked if she had been happy with her husband and she replied it was good.

She asked if I remembered all the fun we had had in years past when we would laugh for no reason and when we would go to dances when we were both single gals. I said I remembered and missed that contact of being best friends and doing all those crazy things we did. I asked why we grew in different ways and why we went different directions. She responded that it was time for us each to grow with the men that came into our lives. The men we each fell in love with had differnt likes and of course we each pursued those with them. It was not that we didn't care about each other any more. Our bond of friendship has survived the physical life and is still intact. She said she wants to stay in touch with me now as when we were young. I told her I never told her how much she meant to me or how I loved her personality and laugh. She said she knew how I loved her as she felt the same about me.

I told her I had planned on coming to see her at the hospital the day she died. She said she did not want me to remember her the way she looked so that was the reason she passed before I got there.

We rode the horses she brought for a bit and I asked what she did here. She replied that she has the horses to ease the transition for some children who struggle in their journey to this realm. She said they enjoy being with and playing with the animals. I told her she always had a way with animals and children.

My friend had had an abortion when she was a teenager. Now she introduced me to her daughter, Pamela. She had no other children in her physical life. I thought it was wonderful that she was reunited with this child that she had to give up and that she can now be a mother to this child that she didn't get to enjoy in this earth plane.

We rode back and I told her good bye, that I loved spending time with her again and then made a personal joke we both understood and we laughed until tears ran down our faces. She said return to your place of love and I will come to share more laughter and love with you.

As I came back, real tears came to my eyes as I have missed my friend so much and it was a blessing to laugh with her once again! What a beautiful experience.

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~

As I lay in bed, trying to quiet my mind, I felt an urgency to get up and resume the program and do Stage 4. I felt Barry was telling me that it was time.

It was pretty easy to find my quiet place and even though I haven’t thought once about the peaceful tableau that is my place of connection, it came back to me as if I had just been thinking of it. My peaceful place is a cabin on the edge of a lightly wooded area, on the shore of a lake, with mountains in the distance. My place of connection is on the back porch with wooden chairs all along the back, as if we can all gather there. As I started listening to the meditation, I felt Barry just waiting on the sidelines for me to be done and to connect with him. When you, Craig, said to go to the place of Love, I didn’t feel it right away, but then when you started the countdown from 20, I soon felt disjointed with my body and tears started pouring down my face.

When the prompt said to cross over to the Afterlife, Barry took my hand and we walked off the porch. Our dog, Rinnie, was there running to greet me and was so excited that I was there. She jumped up on me and ran around Barry and me. Barry then led me to a neighboring cabin and said that this is where he lives. I asked who he lives with and he said his Grandpa Gene, my stepfather. I was extremely close with my “Dad”ť and he and Barry almost always come together when we have a reading with a medium. My Dad was there to greet Barry when he crossed over. Barry and I walked around the back of their cabin and my Dad was at a skill saw with goggles on. He saw me and we enjoyed a very strong hug. He said that he had built the cabin. My Dad was a general contractor in his human life and it doesn’t surprise me that he is still building over there. He was very creative. I asked what he was building now and he showed me a sort of picture frame and also another finished one on the inside of the cabin. The picture frame held a collage of pictures of our family. He/they said that just as we have pictures here to glance at lovingly, they like to have pictures there. It is as if we are with them.

We left my Dad and walked along the shore of the lake. I asked Barry to show me around and we walked into the lake and swam down. Even though we didn’t need them, we wore some sort of breathing mask underwater, but it wasn’t connected to anything. I think this was to make me not anxious about being under the water. Also we scuba dived as a family and was a good memory. We surfaced in a cave grotto and sat on the side, then lay back with our feet in the water. Above us, the sky was exposed and we saw stars and earth. I had/have so many questions for Barry and was asking him question after question.

I had a miscarriage between my two children and I have begun to question and think about this soul we never met. I was 3 months along when I found out the baby had died, so it was a later miscarriage and I had to have a D&C. At the time, I was sad and even gave the baby a name of sorts (I didn’t tell anyone), and have felt guilty lately that I don’t remember the name. It has been over 21 years and when we got pregnant with our daughter, I didn’t really think about the miscarriage anymore. I have now started thinking about this baby and have wanted to connect. I never knew if it was a boy or a girl and I asked Barry if I could meet this soul. He pointed out a dark haired girl and I gave her a long hug. I asked her what her name was and she said Jade. I tried to think of a different name, thinking that I would never pick Jade, but then realized that I was trying to direct what was happening. I then thought that maybe that is why I like the color green so much. Barry and I were going to continue on, so I took Jade’s hand also, but she faded as we walked along.

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~

Relaxing deeply I knew I was in my Eden. I saw my surroundings so very beautiful. When I asked for Mark I knew I was not going to see him this time but that was ok. He was with me. He told me our visit today would be one of feeling not seeing. Mark told me to just relax and let it all flow around me, to me.

I felt myself inside a heart shaped like a Valentine heart that beat. It wasn't blood being pumped in and out but love. Mark indicated this is part of what Source is although much larger than what I was feeling. I realized Mark was next to me on my left. I then realized my Mother was on my right. Near my feet were my two unborn babies. None were seen just let me feel their presence. When speaking it was all mind to mind but so clear as if I was hearing. At first I knew who was speaking but quickly the communications became as one. I spoke, they spoke but the words were thoughts that were not able to be differentiated '. All were one. One was All..

I knew I was being made to understand that through this hard life when I fear I can't go forward for even a single second longer I am lifted up by these my most beloved Souls. I'm surrounded by them and their love. Not just them. Source and every single soul helps me go forward. I was told to concentrate on feeling love and light flowing ever outward and inward. To trust that love is there, has always been there and will always be there. I'm a part of this and although still physical I have such a capacity to give and receive love for all life. For all in Spirit.

Although we were invisible it seemed as though our hands and arms were linked. The five of us forming a circle inside the heart. Still sending and receiving love. I "touched " the faces of my babies then my Mother then lastly, Mark. Again I did not see but knew this is what was happening. At least it was the equivalent of what "touching " is in the non physical. It was beautiful and far beyond words.

The Heart began to fade and my loved ones, including Mark, faded also and I brought myself back.

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~

I remembered the place of love I had been to before which was a beautiful field of daffodils full of sunlight. I saw myself walking in the field but I was younger, about 16. Suddenly a big gust of wind pushed me backward and I couldn't keep my footing. It continued until it had blown me out of the field.

I found that I was standing still looking a bright red engine. It was the engine of a model railway. It was on a floor and running on a track. It looked familiar but I couldn't place. Then I looked up and saw my father smiling down at me and I remembered that this was the model railway that he had built for my brother in the cellar for a Christmas gift and that I had come down to the cellar when I wasn't supposed to and I had seen. I suppose I was about five or six at the time but now I was a grown woman. My Dad looked young in his early 40s and he was dressed in clothes from the 1940s. He looked much the way he had looked in pictures of when he and my mother were first married. They had married late in life. Dad had been 40 and Mum had been 35.

He was beaming at me. I asked him how he was and he said they were fine. Then I saw that my mother was standing next to him looking very pretty and very happy. She was also dressed in the style of the 1940s and looking very young. She looked extremely happy. Her name was Emma and Dad had always called her Em for short. He said, "Go on, tell her Em". She looked at him and smiled and then she said to me, "We Dance." I said to her, "You and Dad always did dance together". She said, "No, I really dance, we both do." I looked at her with a question on my face. She said, "I ballet dance". As she said that I could feel myself tingle all over with excitement. She said, "And your father dances with me". Dad turned to me and said, "I have learned how to do it".

I was speechless, I didn't know what to say. I just smiled at them in wonder and excitement. Mum's face started to change and not be her face and I knew it was all fading away. Then the session ended.

It was a perfectly lovely experience. I'm still tingling writing this journal entry.

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~

In effect I saw him just in front of my place of love running up to me, hugging and cuddling me. Karl: “ It was very nice dancing with you to that wonderful Swing yesterday night, wasn’t it?”

– Yesterday night, sitting on my bed for doing my usual prayers, my concentration was disturbed by loud music coming up from downtown. But the music was really good, a Big Band was sounding only Swing. I tried to concentrate and having my prayers…. But I felt always distracted seeing scenes, Karl and me, on the Piazza, dancing to that Swing, being silly and cheery. Karl was distracting me, I smiled and nagging at him jokingly… but the more I tried to concentrate me to my prayers, the more I saw me dancing and singing with Karl, as is the way of children… FACIT: I was not able to pray!…..

Today hand in hand we were going for a little walk and Karl means, referring to yesterday night: “ Don’t be worry, it is not always necessary to pray. They like it too, seeing us joyful and happy!

Come on, I will make You feel a new sensation." We were in a lightning landscape full of colors and silent sounds all in perfect harmony, birds were flying over us, they seemed like parrots with long tail feathers, so wonderful colored. We stopped at the bank of a little river with clearly shining and sounding water. Karl jumped in, took my hands dragging me in. A strange sensation around my body, it seemed to be in fizzy water, I saw little nice colored rainbows , creating themselves over my head. It was like play of water, in harmony to the lovely sounds…. And then it seemed to me of feeling little little suckling sensations at my body. Karl laughed and with his hand he swirled up the water… I saw thousands of little fishes, in all imaginable colors, so beautiful, so lovely……connection ended.

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~

I am standing on the veranda of our house. She comes out of the front door. She's dressed in Victorian style again. She comes over and stands in front of me, head slightly tipped to her right. She smiles. I don't see her speak, or see her lips move, but she asks me how I'm feeling. I tell her fine, now. Again, that smile. She moves to my right side and hooks her arm in mine. We stand there looking at the green countryside before us. I realize that I am also dressed in Victorian style.

Then I hear the instructions about an opening with light coming through. I don't know how this can get any better; but I step through. I remember the web-page saying to let them run the show. It does get better.

We are swimming, or rather standing in water about shoulder deep for her. She is smiling at me and I feel her asking me if I remember being here with her. I can remember. It was shortly after our first anniversary, about a year before she died. It was a beautiful day, a beautiful time together. She smiles and says she is still here. That makes me feel better somehow. She kissed me on my right cheek. She placed the tips of the index and middle fingers of her right hand very gently under my chin and she kissed me. It was so familiar. I know it was something she frequently did when we were together. I don't know how I know it; but I do.

She "tells" me to concentrate on my current life. Our time will come, soon enough. She is always ready to listen and, if I need it, give me help. My current life must remain my main focus though. She knows me well. I want to follow up on this and develop it. As I am effectively on my own, I'd likely concentrate most of my energy on doing so.

The scenery, the view from the veranda was "correct" again. The city was gone. I felt relieved and very happy about that. I live in Paris, France. There is a lot of urbanization going on here. Perhaps seeing the city was a carry-over from that.

She came out of the house. I was close to tears, I was so happy seeing her. I know I'm seeing her true self, not a physical being. She is indescribably beautiful. My own filters and perceptual framework, but I saw her. She had her hair up when she was standing on the veranda with me. It was down when we were swimming. It is long, almost black and wavy. Her eyes are mostly green with some light brown around the iris.

When we stood on the veranda and the opening appeared, she looked at me with this smile. She was holding the right side of her lower lip in her teeth and the left side of her mouth was pulled slightly up. It was a smile full of mischief and fun. It was as if she was just waiting to see what I'd do.

While dictating my notes onto my recorder, I once again felt repeated "touches". It was like being told again that she's always there.

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~

During my rest after lunch, I layed down on my bed, the airplane is just roaring about my home- a well-known sign of Karl, that he is just waiting for me- I easily relaxed with help of your exercises and quickly reached my place of love.... Karl was standing there, dressed so beautiful and looking so beautiful too, warming my heart. he embosomed me and then he said: "close your eyes, surprise, surprise!" laughing and jumping around me like a silly boy, who's not able to hide a secret.

Hallo! Ellen.... menepteheu!( a personal whoop, under dear friends)... Someone touched tenderly my shoulder. I knew it was Al, the brother of Karl, a very very very good friend of mine, 9 years older than Karl and crossed over so many years ago, he had problems with his heart. I kissed and cuddled him and felt so happy to see him.... not young, but at the age, when he passed, dressed with his typical jeans and squared shirt. I said, "Have you visited me, last year, some days before Karl died? Was it you, driving with your dark blue Porsche in my driveway? And when I came out and saw you, you waved me good bye in that manner like you did, and then you escaped so quickly not giving me the chance to meet you?"- Al smiling ,tipically like he did said " Yes it was me! ....I came on earth to accompany Karl and ......" then I see Karl's and Taylor's mother! What a beatitude, what a happiness, I've longed for her so much..... wondering of not have seen her in all these connection with Karl. She was a second mother for me, we love us so much. I think we were standing there, arm in arm, so many tears are dropping down along our bodies....a wonderful reencounter. I said, "Did you stay on earth some months before Karl had to cross over? I felt your presence so much? Please say to me, was it You? Was it your presence I felt?" She answered: "It was me! I knew that you were able to feel me... but I was so nervous and concerned for Karl.... he needed prayers, so much prayers for helping him.... and this prayers must come from you, only you. I was so afraid that you didn't pray enough.... but you were always praying... that was very good!"

At this moment my neighbor Ernesto who passed came in saying " Greet my wife Valerie!" - I've just met him once, but I haven't met his wife. I'll do it..... I'll find the right words!"

Final of the connection......

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~

I found myself relaxing slowly and with ease into the experience and was already focusing on all my memories of Lisa particularly recent memories. I found myself in a field of wild flowers in a mountain valley. It reminded me of Blue Mountain in Ireland. I saw a crowd of people who were not distinguishable but there was Lisa waiting at the front. She was as usual a head above everyone else. When I walked through the door she rushed to me and I to her and we hugged and hugged and then put our arms around each others waist and walked into the field. I fleetingly thought of my Mum and then it felt as if it was another time, this time for Lisa.

I had no full thoughts but I wanted to talk to Lisa but she just wanted to be with me. I sensed there is no divide between us and there was no need to talk about her death, her life on the other side and that she was just seeing me in the same way as if I had seen her the day before and we knew all about each other. I kept going back to wanting "news": how is she, how is life and would get the same sense. It was very unexpected as Lisa was always full of news. Without words I feel she was saying we are still together. We lay on our backs in the grass and then turned over onto our stomachs and stayed together.

And then I felt the need to leave. I had a feeling in the pit of my stomach but it was not a bad feeling. I just needed to go and also knew I would be back.

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~

This time Karl met me with a wonderful, silver tandem bike, smiling and waving his hand. “Come on, we’’ll make a trip in bike, are You feeling like doing it?” He is always good humored and happy to be with me. In the recent times I noticed that he spoke very much about stupid things, in his personal stupid manner to make me laugh and feel good too. Maybe he wished to remember me at his typical mode of parlance…kidding and joking with words.

We passed wonderful little lanes, really good for biking. Karl: “All what I said yesterday to You about my family is real. Here I see it all in another attitude, under another viewpoint. I’ve said there is nothing to worry about, I announced facts and told about mistakes, or better wrong decisions, made in my earth life. I must not be ashamed of telling you this. It concerns also you. But now let us enjoy our time. I said, "time for siesta! (his word for rest after lunch) It is my rest too… my siesta spending finally with you, doing silly things.” I wanted to rest for awhile and maybe drink something….Karl said: “Resting, oh no that is earthly!”, he said laughing. “Drinking, oh no, that is earthly!” “ Feeling tired , oh no, that is so earthly”… making some examples, how he tried joking with me.

Then he said: “Do not think, that I have nothing to do here. Very often they called me and we have to go on earth to help people with cancer, persons who have to finish their life on earth, I like it, they are giving me instructions how to operate . And you must know that I am here, but that doesn't mean that I know just all, how it works on this plane. There is so much to learn, you can study whatever you want… but I’m at the beginning. You know I was for a long time in that wonderful centre for rehabilitation here, in a wonderful quiet place and now I’m discovering all these opportunities… the best of all are these times spent with you, making trips by airplane on earth visiting you…. Being with you so so “earthly, that is really KUHL!”…

Laughing and cuddling and kissing me goodbye, because it’s time for me to go…. 5 to 1. I open my eyes, my son Tommy is standing nearby me with his I- Phone in hand. “Listen Mom, I have to play a lovely song for you, it’s called : TENNESSEE, a song of the film Pearl Harbor, when the 2 protagonists are making together a wonderful trip in an airplane….. a very lovely song.


Please watch the video of the song Tennessee [], given me by Karl at the end of our connection today.( using my son) I watched it 1 minute ago... I didn't know that the song is named in this manner. I'm sure that this is a little gift of him, because we are 2 pilots and many years ago we enjoyed flying a Tiger Moth... an airplane similar like in that little video.

And the female protagonist's name in the movie the song Tenessee came from is the same as mine, Evelyn.

Please listen to the wonderful music - it is nearly HEAVENLY.

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~

I was able to go to the beautiful place of love with the doorway and my mother appeared in a beautiful garden setting and sat down with me. She explained to me why our family had chosen such a challenging life together and the lessons and wisdom that came from it. I was being prepared for the work I now do and the books that I am writing and have written. My family was there radiant and happy. They gave me a high five and did a little dance to show me that they are in a great place and to encourage me on with my work. I now have a different perspective that is more positive on our group Soul agreement. Although there is a part of me that still questions and doubts. I will continue with the process at a later time.

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~
A woman connects with her twin brother who
passed into spirit on the day of their birth

I met my twin brother Kevin tonight; although I've had vague images of him in the past and have always felt him close by, I've never seen him up close like I did tonight. He has longer reddish brown hair that is parted in the center and reaches his chin in various similar lengths. He has a short beard and moustache. He looks like my Dad, but he also looks like me. His eyes are blue like my Dad's, and yet although I took my mother's darker looks and eyes, we have similar features. He is taller than me; he is about six foot one, and he leans over a little. We hugged each other. He's tall and reedy as a man, similar to my father. He was wearing a blue cotton shirt with a white t-shirt underneath and a pair of blue jeans. We met at the picnic table on Deer Island. He looks about mid-20's. He sees me as I am now, in my mid 50's and yet I don't feel that age meeting him; I feel as if we are on par.

I told him it was so good to see him. We sat on the top of the picnic table, him to my left and we held hands, my left hand holding his right hand. I told him that I've missed him all my life, even though I've felt his presence often. He told me that he's always with me. I asked him about when we could be together again, when it would happen. He told me that it would happen, but that he could not elaborate 'why'. He told me that there is knowledge in Spirit that, if I knew it now in my mortal form, it would 'blow my mind'; that there are things that those in spirit simply cannot reveal to those of us in mortal form while we are here, but that 'it will all make sense' when we cross over.

I am left with an impression that just this first meeting is all I can have tonight and I come out of the meeting with deep emotion; the image fades immediately. I feel tears on my cheeks to have actually held my brother's hand and to have hugged him. I miss him so much. I haven't seen him since I was one day old; he is my twin, my other half.

Having gone through these steps, I go immediately into contact as soon as I begin the countdown from 20 to 1.

It is wonderful being able to 'be there'; I want to keep going and to more deeply into these experiences and hopefully have them last longer. I keep seeming to get segments of info from loved ones, like little chapters, before the contact is cut off, sometimes instantly.

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~

Its getting easier than ever to connect. I go to my place and feel Tom there. Today I got a quick glimpse of his beautiful face. Just for a split second. We hugged as usual and I told Tom I really need to spend time with him. I'm so sad Saturday he would be turning 22. Forever 18. I remembered how I felt 22 years ago pregnant and huge waiting for my only son to be born. Tom took me through the door to what we call Eternity. I asked why does it seem more lovely each time. Tom said it's because I come filled with more love each time.

I wanted to relax and sit by a tree and picked a Bismarck Palm which is one of my favorites. I was a bit surprised it was there but Tom just laughed and said this is my Eternity so why wouldn't it be there.

We sat and talked. Tom reassured me that all is well. My guide Ariel is happy with my progress as is my Mother and Tom and all my loved ones that went before me. I said I miss him to which he answered he misses no one nor anything. Being in Spirit means he is with us all the time and can manifest whatever he might feel like experiencing. He told me my Soul knows how it works but the physical doesn't allow all knowledge through to me.

We talked about how I feel cheated since he passed young but was reminded that it is me that feels cheated. He came and completed his earthly life just as he was meant to. I will transition when I've completed my path.

He told me we do travel together during the binaural beat meditations I've been doing despite the fact I usually do not remember but the more often I do them the better it will get. Tom said the experiences I've shared with you are real connections and he asked me to "Tell Craig Hogan his procedures are wonderful. And that it will work well also using the binaural beat technique."

Tom said there are so many ways to connect and for us most work well. Its because of our love and how very in tune we are. After all we have lived so many lives together how can it be otherwise? Even in lives that we may not have felt this love physicality. Our souls have always known it's there.

I was told my transitioning will be easy and beautiful because I believe in astute death. I look forward to it and have no fear. Just like walking from one room to the next. He did not say how or when I will pass and that the physical means may be painful perhaps not. But I won't suffer because I KNOW. Tom will be waiting then my Mom and others that have gone before.

I asked Tom if at all possible would he help hid friend George who is going through some bad things and breaking his mother's heart. Tom helped him when he. Was physical. He replied if he can he will do what he can to help.

At about this time we both decided to end this connection session. We hugged. I felt Tom withdraw and I quickly came back.

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~

I was sitting in the clouds with the sky changing colour. Outside the door was my father and he brought my baby Lucas. I felt like Jesus was there too. I bent down to pick up Luc and cuddle him while I talked to my father. We chatted and Lucas was content in my arms and I was content holding him. My father was wearing the same jumper and blue slacks. I don't recall what my baby had on. My father still had on his sunglasses that he got for his 21st birthday. I teased him and asked him why he was still wearing them and he replied 'its because you keep insisting on meeting in the bright clouds'. We then chatted and he told me he liked my partner Lyle. He said I should be nicer to him. I said that I liked him too and I am trying really hard to be nice to everybody, its just I am so 'flat' right now. He told me to hang on and that joy is just around the corner. I asked him for some validation and he said that my baby was coming back to me, just wait and see.

I then started to notice Luc had become agitated and was starting to bang his little fists on my chest. I got the feeling he was angry because he had died before his time. I was surprised by this. I said to him, 'but everybody who dies is so happy up there. It is a much better place than earth'. I then added 'in some ways you are lucky you never have to suffer or experience loss like this'. But he was still frustrated. I asked him 'if you had the choice would you come back?' and he said he would come back to us. I then said please try and he made me feel like he was trying. I was once again reminded that his death was always supposed to 'be'. I told him that I had been looking at the pictures of the boys eating cherries (taken a few days before he died) the ones with cherry juice dripping down their chins. Such happy photos. He said he missed cherries. I asked him for validation and he said that tomorrow I would see something pink and know that it would be from him. I said 'something pink?' and he just nodded like I would understand.

I then said I had to go, I could feel my concentration waning. I passed him back to my father. Kissed them both on the cheek, and told them that I loved them. I went back to the clouds and started counting down.


Today the woman who works for me was uploading some images to my website and she started muttering that she was having problems with the 'pink', that it was supposed to be rose and that she downloaded the pink images and named them the wrong thing and got confused. So it was quite tricky to fix the pink. I was a bit startled but in my visualisations Mac had said it would be something pink and I would know it was him.

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~

This morning I’ve hardly worked in our garden, together with my mother, so I was really tired. Karl took me in his arms and conducted me in a wonderful garden under a big tree, it seemed like an oak tree. In that tree were hanging some quadratic hammocks, closed on all 4 sides with veils, they looked like little tents, swinging softly, an ideal place to relax, to rest. We climbed in one of these tents, a wonderful sensation, lying down, swinging softly and looking up in the crown of this enormous tree with hundreds and hundreds of little green sprinkling leaves…. And a wonderful silence inviting to get calm. After a while we had visits, Karl’s brother Al entered in our little swinging tent, hugging and kissing me, bringing me a chest of marvelous fruits, multicolored, prevailing the color orange, and having a very good smell. “ We need not to eat, but we can eat giving us pleasure! Try them…. And so I do! I’d never had seen fruits like these, similar as tropic fruit, great ones, little ones, all smelling so inviting! I opened one with my hands, they seemed soft, a wonderful perfume like lime o lemon came out… and biting into an incredible flavor was on my tongue, incomparably good! I couldn’t believe, I’ve tasted a fruit of another plane! Karl and Al smiled…. Connection ended.

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~

Did this stage again. I felt more relaxed this time. I had some connections with my husband on the beach. He came and held my hand. He told me in would be okay. I also saw him coming out of the water with lobsters. He loves diving and seafood so this made sense. I also saw the both of us in our wedding outfits walking together. He was leading me. I kept seeing his hands up close.

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~

The beautiful place I imagined was a garden near the beach which we used to visit when I was a child, near our family beach house. We used to have family picnics there. After I walked through the door, I saw my mum's hands holding mine. I just saw her hands at that point. Then I saw her face and upper body. She looked really happy, and she nodded her head to her right towards her biological mother (she was adopted) whose hand she was holding, then to her left towards her brother with whom she was also holding hands. They both died before her.

I then saw the front garden of the home in which I grew up (my father still lives there), but I saw it as it was when I was very young, with a ti-tree thatched front fence. I remembered being in the garden during a birthday party of mine, perhaps when I was about 6 or 7 years old. Then my brother was there as he is now, at 48 years old (alive and well), beckoning me to come into the front garden. I followed him, but then the scene changed to a young girl running through a forest with beautiful tall trees. She was dressed in a white dress with a blue sash. I saw her from above (like I was looking down on her) and I couldn't see her face. It came into my mind that it was mum running through the trees at her home in Blair, where she lived as a child. I've never been there, but I imagine that's what it looks like.

Then I saw 2 young girls riding old fashioned three-wheeler bikes beside each other, while they held hands. I didn't see their faces as I saw them from behind, but I felt that one of the girls (the older one) was mum. I don't know who the younger girl was (Mum didn't have a sister). Then I saw mum's face and upper body. She was wearing a red polo jacket which she wore a lot in more recent years. She looked older, how she was in her last years, but in good health, without any signs of illness (she died of cancer). Her face was looking intently into mine, with a loving look. I knew she was telling me she loved me. I then asked her if she had a message for my father (who misses her terribly). I saw a church, which I felt was where my parents were married, and then an old black car driving along a road near a river. I wasn't sure what the car represented.

Comment by Craig

Many of the connections contain a series of images with meanings attached to them. It appears that the loved ones on the other side are taking the participant through experiences as messages. This participant's message to her father about the father and mother's wedding is such an image. They're unexpected and unintended. Often, the experiences are intended to teach something. Participants most often understand and learn from them easily.

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~
The next two excerpts are from the same participant.

I was thinking of Mellanie when the narrator mentioned to picture your loved one. I went to a place of clouds as it seems fluffy and comforting and surrounding. Through the door Mellanie was there. She hugged me. Then I got the image of a old white haired lady. I asked who that was and Mellanie said "Her. She's been old." I said I wanted to see her have a boyfriend and do teen stuff. She said she didn't need to. That she was more. Then she twirled in the clouds and I started to cry. She wasn't wearing her glasses as she twirled. I said I didn't want to control the encounter and she said I wasn't, that we were interacting. I decided I should end and leave so I could remember everything. I kissed her hands and cheeks and forehead and remembered how I did that when she was going to sleep at night. I backed away and waved. I told her I'd be back tomorrow night. She was smiling and seemed happy.

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~
same participant as the previous journal entries

During the third exercise when I asked if anyone had a message, I got a yes and it's me, Mellanie. She ran up and hugged me. I felt a little of the overwhelming emotion that I sometimes get from her so I believe I did have a connection. I wanted to start asking her what she was doing but we started walking down the beach hand in hand when I noticed I could see my footprints in the sand but not hers and that her legs were somewhat transparent. I understood it as I am still in physical and she isn't. I did take a minute to try to picture what she was wearing and my mind had to put her in a swimsuit because we were on a beach.

I wasn't sure what to do then as we were walking so I spread a blanket and we sat down. I wasn't sure if the sun would be too hot for us but decided not to worry about it. I asked her what she's been doing. She said she watches over people, plays, teaches, and learns. I thought that was interesting that she taught and learned as what most of life should be. Learning and helping others learn. Then I thought I shouldn't try to push the connection and decided I better exit the experience until I was more practiced. I got up and told her I would be back and started walking up the beach. I did start to cry when I was leaving and now that I am typing, am tearing a bit. I feel like I should be able to sit with her and talk for hours but in that moment I don't know what to ask or what to do next. It makes me feel bad that I left her.

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~

Before I went through the gate I could see in my mind's eye my husband. I felt my right hand being gently gripped and I went through the door. It took me to our garden. This is the garden my husband and I had in Germany where we lived up until his passing. We loved this garden. The garden was full of flowers and as I looked around I saw so many of those who had passed - my Mum, my Dad- Uncles and Aunts like they were gathered to see me.

My husband was that part of me was already there. He took me over to some vivid pink flowers but I couldn't smell anything. He just said to me "Never gone."

I struggled to keep myself in the garden - kept drifting back. This happens when I talk to my husband at other times or see him in my mind's eye.. as if I am not always strong enough to remain.

Everything was more vivid in life- the fish in the pond were so joyous they were almost coming out of the water. Somehow I was left knowing the garden we had in this life is in the next one too. My husband is tending it. I feel like he is keeping it nice for me too.

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~
The next two journal excerpts are by the same participant.

Hi Mom, I like spending time together no matter we do it. The dreams are so short, I don't know how to make them longer yet. But we've seen it's possible.

I can tell you I love you very much, more than you will ever know. You were the one person I could trust, really trust. I know at the end I said alot of jibberish but you were right to try to steer me on a better course and not just say yes.

(I asked for a validation) I will leave you a heart soon, you will know it when you see it and you'll know it's from me.

Comment by Craig

He did leave her a heart. As she got up from this session, on the floor was the clear pattern of a heart that she couldn't explain.

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~

I saw the door with brilliant light coming out around it, and it was partway open. My son was already halfway out the door, wanting me to come in and show me around. I saw many family members lined up, one by one. They all seemed very happy. it seemed like they were all together. I asked my son to show me around and tell me what he does. He showed me a lake with a canoe, a basketball court, a book, a kitchen scene. He then took me back to the basketball court and took me upstairs to a door which led to an outdoor landing. We were looking down onto a city street, and then he showed me a bicycle which was being peddled on the streets. I then told him I wanted a hug, which we did. I told him I had to go and I would be back again. I told him I missed him.

All the things he showed me were things he enjoyed doing when he was alive. I could have stayed longer as I was very relaxed, but I felt it was enough for now. The images came to me relatively easy. Easier than I had thought.

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~

I was able to go to the beautiful place of love with the doorway and my mother appeared in a beautiful garden setting and sat down with me. She explained to me why our family had chosen such a challenging life together and the lessons and wisdom that came from it. I was being prepared for the work I now do and the books that I am writing and have written. My family was there radiant and happy. They gave me a high five and did a little dance to show me that they are in a great place and to encourage me on with my work. I now have a different perspective that is more positive on our group Soul agreement. Although there is a part of me that still questions and doubts. I will continue with the process at a later time.

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~

When I went through the door, Marvin was there. He told me that he knew I was coming, so he had waited for me. We hugged, and then we were side-by-side having our arms across each other's back. I asked him to show me some of his new realm. The light was dim and the seemingly endless meadow had a wine-red hue.

We sat on a swing which swung higher and higher. I seemed to have a human form, but he seemed just like a cone-shaped light next to me on the swing. I did not like that--Marvin just being in the shape of a cone-shaped light. Then he took on a human shape (no longer on the swing), he took on a very tall and thin shape and he held me in his arms like one would hold a child (I was puzzled by this, since he was not my father). I nestled up to him like a child would. Then he gently laid me down like one would lay a child down to go to sleep. After a short while, I felt it was time for me to come back and I counted myself out.

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~

As I went through the door to my special place, my mother was there waiting for me. She was sitting on a bench dressed in a white long sleeved top, I could not see any other details of clothing.

We said hello to each other and I sat down beside her. She said to me, " I see you went to Greenville the other day." I replied that I did and she then said, " Greenville is lovely, I always enjoyed going there." She smiled.

I noticed my hand which is unusual as I have never noticed anything about myself before while in session. I could clearly see my hand and a small gray bird, I would say similar to a sparrow was perched on my finger. It was making plucking gestures in the air and I would see seed in its mouth so I'm guessing that it would form there in response to it's desire for it.

It stopped to look at me for a few moments and then went back to plucking at the air again.

My mother then said to me, "The world is experiencing trying times at the moment, it is these times when it needs hope the most."

The scene changed suddenly and we were both standing on a hill looking down valley, it had a very pastoral feel to it, very calm and quiet. There were little cottages dotted about, most of them with little garden rows about them. My mother pointed to them and said, "I live down there."

We stood there smiling and soaking up the peaceful atmosphere for a few moments and then I started to drift from it all.

How valuable or not valuable were the procedures for you?

They were extremely valuable. Since I have had some health problems lately, I don't feel that I was mentally prepared for the experience tonight and that would explain why the message from my mother was unclear (about the pneumonia). The value of the procedure seems to depend, to a great degree, upon the state of mind I am in when I enter into the meditation.

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~

Karl guided me to a higher place, on a hill; there we entered in a palace with a wonderful elaborated white front in stucco. Karl loves beautiful fronts of houses, still in Earth life, walking along the streets, he was always drawing my attention to nice facades. And here we are in house with that wonderful front in stucco. We arrived at the highest floor, very high, entering in a wonderful large apartment or flat, surrounded by large panoramic windows, having a miraculous view on a metropolis, landscapes, water, parks, trees, a never ending skyline, a horizon so wonderful colored, all what I could see in movement, shining, glittering, being so real and at the same time so fairytale – like. Karl observed me smiling, then opened one of these large windows leading me to a fabulous roof garden plenty of the most wonderful flowers I had ever seen. I just know, that in this sphere flowers are sounding…. sheding a soft perfume, I was able to smell it. A home, both we’d ever dreamed of, an apartment in an Attico, the highest floor of a house, with panorama windows, having wonderful views and a savaging roof garden. Karl: “ I’m just preparing all and when you’ll join, all Karl be fine!....... connection ended



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