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Knowing We Can Make the Connection

This explanation will help you understand that we know we can communicate with a person's Higher Self because people have successfully communicated with the Higher Selves of individuals unable to communicate. This page contains descriptions of the connections people have made with the Higher Selves of loved ones unable to communicate because of Alzheimer's, dementia, and mental disability.

A Man Connects with the Higher Self
of His Severely Mentally Disabled Son

In the book I co-authored with Dr. Allan Botkin titled Induced After Death Communication: Healing Grief and Trauma with Induced After Death Communications, a father going through the Induced After Death Communicaion (IADC) experience connected with the Higher Self of his severely mentally disabled son. This is the account from the book:

Jeff's severely disabled 18-year-old son, Jason, had been diagnosed with microencephalopathy and had a mental age of only six months. Jeff told me he loved his son dearly and was very proud that Jason always "perked up" and became "very playful" when Jeff came home from work. . . .

I performed the usual induction and Jeff closed his eyes. Nothing happened, so I repeated the induction process and he closed his eyes again. In a moment, he spoke: "I can see Jason surrounded by a beautiful radiant light. My God, he's talking." Jeff's son had never learned to talk because of his severe retardation. "He's thanking me for being such a wonderful father to him. He says ‘I’m here to look after you.’" Jeff sat quietly with his eyes closed for a few minutes as tears rolled down his cheeks.

Then he opened his eyes and told me what had happened. "Jason told me I shouldn’t feel bad about his medical condition because it allows him to experience both worlds at the same time."

As he was preparing to leave, Jeff said that the experience had made him feel more at peace with his son's condition. He also said he would never look at his son the same way again.

A Hospice Worker Connects with a Paralyzed Woman

I interviewed a hospice worker who had medium abilities. She had been caring for a paralyzed woman in hospice and found she could communicate with the woman mind to mind. This is a summary of her account of what happened:

I had been caring for a woman in hospice who was paralyzed and completely unable to communicate. One day, as I was working with her, I kept hearing "Why me, why me?" I didn't know whether I should acknowledge that but after a short time I said, "I don't know why you." She sort of had a funny look on her face and squeezed my hand. She knew I could hear her thoughts.

"Yes, I can hear you," I said. "I told you after one of our first visits I knew you had a lot you wanted to say. If you have something you want to say, I will try to listen."

I immediately heard her in my mind saying, "Are you sure you can hear me?"

I answered, "Yes I can hear you. I will answer you back by repeating some of your questions. You squeeze my hand if I've heard you right. Can you do that?"

"Yes," I sensed her saying. "I'm scared."

"I understand you are scared," I said. "That is understandable. I know you have seen the other side." She squeezed my hand. I knew that she had had a near-death experience.

"I think so," she replied in my mind.

I asked, "Was there anything scary when you went to the other side before?"

"No," she answered.

"What are you scared of?"

"I don't know. Is it really like that?"

I said, "I don't know what you have seen. You will be surrounded with loved ones that will greet you. They will help you once you cross over to the other side."

"Will I be like this?" she asked.

"Heavens no!" I said. "You will be whole. No more pain, no more confusion. You will be back to your original form which is spirit.

The conversations continued for the next nine months until she passed.

A Woman Having a Self-guided Afterlife Connection
Meets with Other People's Higher Selves

This is an account from a Self-guided Afterlife Connection participant's journal about her meeting with other people's higher selves.

This morning during meditation I first saw the horizon again. This time it looked as if the sun was setting because there was a very slim line if light. Initially I was alone (as my higher self). I asked, "Who is here?" Gradually I became aware that the higher selves of several people I know were with me. There was a sense of waiting on our part. I could see each of us clearly. My partner was there, you, three women in my discussion group, a therapist , and a friend who first handed me the book Your Eternal Self months ago. Our teams were also there. I asked, "Why us?" The answer came, "Because your hearts are the same." As we waited together, a group of people from the other side came toward us. When they were close, we all knelt down and bowed our heads. We all knew that the presence of God was/is everywhere. There was a deep, silent, reverence. I was going to ask another question about working together, but I knew that question was premature. I then returned to this physical space.

A Woman Connects with the Higher Self of a
Living Woman with Whom She Had a Conflict

This is an account from a Self-guided Afterlife Connection participant's journal about her meeting with a living person's higher self. The meeting helped her understand the conflict she had with the CEO and the conflict she had with her mother, now in spirit. She actually described this in two journals.

Journal 1: As I type this I am very aware of one relationship I had with CEO in the company I was with. It has been my greatest source of inner conflict. He is still on this earth. I have attempted to address it with him several years back, but I am thinking now, that I am going to try to call on his higher self during the exercise to help healing.

Journal 2: I put time aside this morning and contacted the higher self of my CEO. I ended up doing writing because there was so much that surfaced. I believe that we came to a deep and peaceful resolve that leads me to contacting my mother again. I was hit between the eyes with the realization that what happened with my CEO was just stacked upon what happened with my own mother. It was not all the CEO. I don't feel the need to go into detail, but I will let you know what happens from here. It is good. I knew that this was the case, but knowing comes in levels. So, tomorrow I will try to call upon my mother from the other side.

During a Self-guided Afterlife Connection, a Woman's Mother, with Dementia, Suddenly Appears and Talks with Her

This is an account from a Self-guided Afterlife Connection participant's journal about her meeting with people on the next plane of life when her mother suddenly appears. Her mother is alive, with dementia. She has a conversation with her about her condition now. This is the excerpt from her journal.

I had some communication from Jim saying he would like to 'show me around more.' We walked a path thru the woods to a pond. he started telling me about the fish in the pond, but then it faded and I felt I was surrounded on the periphery by all these family members as well as Jim. And then all of a sudden my mom was there, young and beautiful. [Note: Now living with dementia] She indicated she does come here often. She seemed to know that I have often wondered when she is speaking gibberish or seems 'not there' if she was communicating with those on the other side. She kind of laughed and said 'yes, this is where I go.' She said she has the best of both worlds this way. I was aware of the others on the periphery, there but not interacting, just watching. and got the feeling they all wanted me to have this connection with my mom, that it was more important than connecting with them at this moment.

Then it was like she wanted to take me in her arms as a baby and just tell me she is okay. I felt emotion during this whole thing, tears coming down my cheeks. I guess I was wondering why she wants to stay on the earth plane, but as I have felt before, I believe she is still here to teach me something. And she did indicate that there is a reason, and it will all happen as it is meant to, and in the meantime she is just fine.

I communicated that i was looking for my dad's dad because I wanted to know if it was true my dad wouldn't last the year. She indicated that yes, he (my dad) would 'be here' soon. I got the feeling late summer. She jokingly indicated he was going to beat her there. I asked what about her and she kind of laughed and said, 'Oh give me another year.' So I got the feeling next January.

I don't know if this is 'normal' to get impressions of when someone is going to die. I am not going to expect anything; it will be interesting to see what happens during the next year.

I thanked her for coming to me in this way. I also felt very strongly that the others were doing this for me, as if they all helped bring me this communication because they felt it was important and I thanked them also. I do feel that my mom is okay and peaceful in her dementia, and there is a greater reason why. After the first time I connected with her in this way I have felt differently when I see her. She lives in our guesthouse with 24 hr care and I usually stop in every day. Like I could look in her eyes and connect with her more and she seems to have a knowing secret smile :))

A Man Describes Dreams of Connecting
with His Mother, Living with Dementia

This is an account from a Self-guided Afterlife Connection participant's journal about his meeting with his mother while she was on the Earth plane, suffering from dementia.

I have some feeling for this from the final year of my mother's life. She died of dementia at nearly 92. During her final year I had many lucid dreams. In some of them she appeared, approaching me, young, healthy looking, happy and with friends. I feel sure that we were communicating in that eternal life dimension. After her passing we continued to communicate.

A Woman Describes Seeing Her
Sister with Dementia Aready in Spirit

This is an account from a Self-guided Afterlife Connection participant's journal about her seeing her sister, who is living with dementia, in a session she performed while sitting with her sister in hospice.

I want to share with you an experience from yesterday. My sister [with dementia] was moved into Hospice Care the night before last. As I woke up the next morning, an image of my sister running and dancing through a field of red flowers came to me. She was twirling and raising her arms with great joy and abandon. I went to see her a few hours later and we made the decision to remove the respirator and feeding tube. She has dementia and multiple other serious medical issues. Her face soon relaxed. I spent some time with her by myself and began to use the relaxation exercise...I did not complete the counting because the image of my sister in the field was so strong. I watched her dance and run and laugh. A person emanating great light and love approached her. I knew it was Jesus. Jesus was central to my sister's faith. He approached her with a smile, took her hand, and led her to the edge of the field where there was a huge choir so bright I could barely see individuals. They were rejoicing in her arrival. The message that clearly came to me was that my sister, although her body was still in this bed and she was breathing...was no longer here. She already left. This was so powerful.

Kathryn (Kate) Speakes-Large Communicates
with Her Maternal Grandfather's Higher Self

Kathryn (Kate) Speakes-Large has developed a meditation that she uses and has made available to others that enables the participant to communicate with the Higher Self of people with Alzheimer's and dementia, or who are in a coma or otherwise unable to communicate. Her website is This is her description of her connection with her maternal grandfather, living with Alzheimer's.

In the 80's my maternal grandmother experienced Alzheimer's. This was before I learned how to connect with the Higher Self/Spirit. Our family struggled with how best to care for Grandmother and we could only imagine how she struggled locked inside her body.

In 2007 my maternal grandfather was diagnosed with Dementia. By this time I knew how to connect with the Higher Self and open the door to communication. I used this connection to communicate with him and give messages to my grandmother that helped Grandpa to "finish" his business with her here on Mother Earth before his physical body died.

I offer this method of connecting and communicating with the Higher Self of your loved ones with prayers that you find peace, love and comfort to bless you throughout the coming days...


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